Tranel is the right person for the PSC

| October 6, 2020 7:00 AM

To the editor:

Did you see Monica Tranel pedaling her bike through Lincoln County? Monica is the Democratic candidate for Public Service Commission (PSC) for District 4? She rode 102 miles, from north of Eureka to Troy and on into Sanders County, getting personal experience in District 4. As an elected commissioner, she will demonstrate the same grit and tenacity.

The function of the PSC is to ensure that ratepayers have continued access to utility services that are affordable, reliable and sustainable. Monica has the expertise and experience to begin fighting for Montanans on her first day in office. She will work to support new investments and good-paying renewable energy jobs.

Of special importance to those of us in Lincoln County is the PSC’s role in railroad safety. The PSC inspects trains, including trains carrying hazards through the heart of our county, to prevent catastrophic accidents, derailment and injuries. The PSC is the agency that handles complaints related to blocked public railroad crossings and fencing on railroad property.

Monica is the best candidate for the PSC. As a staff attorney, she worked at the PSC and the Montana Office of Consumer Counsel. Now, as a private attorney, she represents clients in front of the PSC. Monica understands the complex legal, financial and technological issues before the commission.

As a two-time Olympic rower, she knows how to be a team player. She will leave politics and squabbling at the door to be a professional, hard-working and independent voice.

Pat McLeod