Students disciplined after 'disgusting' video surfaces

The Western News | October 6, 2020 7:00 AM

Several Libby students received discipline last week after a video showing teens abusing the corpse of a coyote circulated in the community.

Superintendent Ron Goodman declined to detail the punishment, but confirmed to reporters it had been meted out on Sept. 30. A local animal rights activist passed along the video, apparently shot in the parking lot of the Libby Middle High School, to school officials and members of the media.

In it, students can be seen dragging a presumably dead coyote through the parking lot on a leash. A second, six-second video shows another teenager using the leash to fling the carcass into the bed of a pickup truck.

Middle High School Principal Ruth Vanworth Rogers responded to the email saying school officials would investigate and take action.

“This video is disgusting and not representative of our school or our town,” Vanworth Rogers said.