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Libby Middle High School switches to remote learning

The Western News | November 11, 2020 3:40 PM

The Libby Middle High School will be moving to a fully remote schedule on Nov. 12 for much of the rest of the month, according to a press release from Superintendent Ron Goodman.

Although Goodman did not specify in the press release what prompted his decision to close the middle high school, he previously said the school would transition to remote learning if health officials found the coronavirus was spreading within the building.

Goodman was not immediately available for comment.

At the time of the Nov. 11 announcement, Goodman said 100 students and four staff members from the middle high school were in quarantine. Ten of these students and staff members had tested positive for the virus.

“Libby Public Schools strives to balance safety with our educational needs,” Goodman wrote. “At this point, closing Libby Middle High School is difficult, but there is compelling evidence for this decision.”

According to the release, the middle high school is set to resume in-person learning on Nov. 30.

Libby Elementary School, Plummer Preschool and Head Start school will continue offering in-person classes. On Nov. 9, school officials said one kindergarten and one second grade class at Libby Elementary School were moved to remote schedules after two additional staff members were quarantined and the school ran out of substitute teachers.

Goodman warned parents that, as the number of coronavirus cases in the area grows, the likelihood of schools switching between in-person instruction and virtual learning increases.

“Continue to make preparations for virtual learning and other needs connected to changes in school schedules,” he wrote.

During the remote learning period, middle high school parents may pick up meals for their students at locations across Libby. The full list of pickup sites may be found on the school district website.