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We have a long history of caring for each other in Libby

| November 3, 2020 7:00 AM

To the editor:

The Sally Sauer Community Medical Fund was established in the early 1990s when Sally Sauer had a sudden illness that damaged her heart. Our community stepped up and did what we do best: We rallied together to help someone with a health need.

Funds left over after Sally’s financial needs were met went into a fund to help others. The Sally Sauer Community Medical Fund continues to function today, assisting folks with medical expenses — funded by the caring of our community.

When a young girl named Amanda needed help, we each donated an hour’s wage in a campaign called “Hour Amanda.” When Kyle Rosling needed heart surgery, his high school friends championed a drive, called “Kids for Kyle.”

WINGS was created in 1997 to reach out to patients and families who have to travel outside of Lincoln County for cancer treatment — assisting with food, travel and lodging. Every year, we as a community dig deep and help fund this worthwhile program.

Seems like there are always raffles, meals and a variety of benefits going on created by friends and relatives to help out someone they love who is/has suffered an injury, surgery or cancer. Many, many times we have banded together to help our community members who are facing a medical need/crisis.

Now we face the COVID-19 crisis in our community. We always come together to help our neighbors. To me, that’s what Libby does. When I wear my mask, I wear it because I care about my neighbors. I wear it because I’m from Libby and caring is what we do!

Susie Rice