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Rosendale is a fiscal conservative to the core

| May 26, 2020 8:31 AM

To the editor:

So many politicians say they will cut spending and reign in out-of-control government bureaucracy. Matt Rosendale is a proven economic conservative who has actually done it.

Matt has a record of reducing spending in the legislature and in the Auditors Office. As our state auditor, Matt cut operating expenses by 23 percent and eliminated vacant bureaucratic positions. What’s more, Matt has refused to accept a taxpayer-funded pay raise.

How many politicians have you known that would refuse a taxpayer-funded pay raise? Matt has, because he’s not a politician — he’s a Montanan. He knows that our tax dollars are better spent by us than by the government.

We need a congressman willing to talk about our fiscal situation. We need a congressman who has the will to fix it. The federal deficit has ballooned to unsustainable levels and our national debt is closing in on $25 trillion.

With a proven track record of results as a successful businessman and policymaker, Matt Rosendale understands the need to balance budgets. He knows how to make difficult decisions on what to cut.

We cannot stand idly by and allow career politicians in Washington, D.C., mortgage our children and grandchildren’s future. That’s why I am voting to send Matt Rosendale, a principled fiscal conservative, to Congress.

State Sen. Cary Smith

Senate District 27