Libby police remind firewood peddlers to get license

| May 19, 2020 7:40 AM

Libby police officials reminded residents last week to obtain a hawkers or peddlers license prior to selling firewood within city limits or risk running afoul of the law.

In a May 13 post to Facebook, officials wrote that anyone seeking to sell firewood must obtain the license from City Hall before hawking the timber. The license costs $30 annually.

In the statement, officials wrote that misinformation about who can sell firewood and where had circulated around town, prompting the social media post. In recent weeks, officers have responded to complaints regarding the unlawful sale of firewood on city streets, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office incident log.

“Recently there has been inaccurate information posted regarding firewood selling within the City of Libby,” the post reads. “[The] Libby [Police Department] does not enforce or investigate anything to do with permits for harvesting firewood.”

The license, which is less than a business license, also applies to traveling merchants, peddlers and door-to-door solicitors. The process requires applying through the city treasurer’s office and registering with the police department.