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Residency forces Berget to withdraw from county commissioner race

Staff Writer | March 31, 2020 8:36 AM

Lincoln County resident Tony Berget said March 20 that he recently determined his residency places him outside the Libby District in which he had planned to run in June against incumbent County Commissioner Mark Peck.

“I won’t be on the ballot,” Berget said.

The primary election had featured a contest between the two Republicans for the District 1 seat.

Berget said his research of political practice guidelines found that even though he has what he described as “a footprint” in more than one district he technically lives in the Troy District.

“I didn’t see how I could qualify,” he said.

Berget’s withdrawal from the primary means Peck will be unopposed for his second six-year term on the commission, for which he currently serves as chairman.

Peck previously defeated Berget in a three-way race for the commission seat.

Berget had served on the commission and previously was a member of Libby City Council and also served the city as mayor.

He said he had looked forward to the race against Peck.

“I had a lot of people who were disappointed,” Berget said, about his withdrawal from the race.

He said he does not anticipate running for the Troy District seat when it is next up for a vote.