We ask that you save our community doctor

| June 30, 2020 8:28 AM

To the editor:

This letter is about saving one of Libby’s greatest assets: Dr. Daniel P. Woydick.

In 2016, this amazing and board certified family medicine physician joined Cabinet Peaks Clinic. Along with his incredible bedside manner, he brought with him some very impressive credentials. After receiving his medical degree, he did his residency at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina.

Please be aware that few medical school graduates qualify for a residency position at Duke University Hospital. These spots are only open to the best and brightest candidates.

Dr. Woydick is a tremendous asset to our rural community. He is a proven medical professional as well as being a veteran of the U.S. Army.

He and his team of medical assistants work extremely well together. Dr. Woydick knows and cares deeply about his patients. They are not just faceless people he sees to meet some expected administrative revenue number. How very fortunate we are to have a physician of his caliber in our community.

Dr. Woydick has been released from his contract with Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, effective July. There has been no egregious behavior, unprofessional conduct or complaints from patients or staff members. So why is he being released?

Why would the medical center administration do something so crazy as to release a physician who is so well liked, respected and trusted?

Last spring Dr. Woydick signed a new, two-year contract with the medical center. Why would they offer him a new contract if they were planning to release him?

This is a travesty. Please contact the chief executive officer and the board of directors and request they keep Dr. Woydick at the Cabinet Peaks Clinic. It is a matter of our community’s good health and well being.

Michael and Terry Hobbs