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Most law enforcement officers protect and serve

| June 26, 2020 9:16 AM

To the editor:

“When crime is not punished quickly, people feel it is safe to do wrong.” — Ecclesiastes 8:11, New Living Translation

These certainly are unprecedented times. So many aspects of everyday life have been touched with radical change, change that often challenges our perceptions of what is truly normal anymore.

One such area that has fallen under close scrutiny is law enforcement. The horrific event that occurred in Minneapolis, which triggered such adamant displays of peaceful demonstrations and heinous destruction, has brought forth a public outcry for change in community policing efforts.

Is it truly warranted? Yes, some tactics and policies should probably be reexamined. That being said, however, the extremes to which such reforms are being called for go way too far. The very idea of defunding and disbanding police departments based on the actions of a few bad officers is totally and completely insane.

The greater majority of our law enforcement officers seek only to serve the good and wellbeing of our communities. Let us not allow this issue to become the next politicized arena to the detriment of all the police officers, those seeking only the best for us and the communities we live in.

A big thank you to our Libby Police Department and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office for all you do daily. We back you. We support you.

Pastor Charlie Moody

Bridge of Hope Fellowship, Libby