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Legals for June, 16 2020

| June 16, 2020 12:00 AM

NOTICE OF PLANNING DEPARTMENT PUBLIC HEARING UPDATED SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS 2020 Lincoln County hereby gives notice that a public hearing will be held on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 at 1:30pm, or soon thereafter, in the Commissionrs Room of the Lincoln County Courthouse located at 512 California Avenue, Libby, Montana in order to inform the public and receive comments on proposed updates to the Lincoln County Subdivision Regulations. The public will have the opportunity to offer written or oral comment on thye proposed draft regulations at this meeting or before by submitting your comments, IN WRITING to be put on the record. For further information or to see a copy of the proposed changes, contact the Lincoln County Planning Department, 418 Mineral Ave., Libby, Montana. 59923" {jpme (406) 283-2444 or Dated this 15th day of June 2020. s/s Jake Mertes, RS County Planner Lincoln County Environmental Health and Planning Published In The Western News June 16, 2020. MNAXLP

PUBLICATION OF NOTICE OF PENDING ATTACHMENT OF A TAX LIEN On Thursday, August 1, 2020, the Lincoln County Treasurer will attach a property tax lien to property on which the 2019 taxes are delinquent. The delinquent taxes, including penalties, interest and costs are a lien upon the property and that unless delinquent taxes, penalties, interest and costs are paid prior to August 1, 2020 a tax lien will be attached and may be assigned to a third party. MCA 15-17-122 A complete delinquent list of all persons and property in the county now owing taxes, including all city and town property that is delinquent, is on file in the office of the Lincoln County Treasurer and is open to public inspection and examination. DATED this 11th day of June, 2020 Sedaris Carlberg Lincoln County Treasurer Published In The Western News June 16 & 22, 2020. MNAXLP