Friday, June 18, 2021

Local voices must take precedence in debate over re-routing the Pacific Northwest Trail

| February 28, 2020 2:58 PM

To the editor:

The supposed groundswell of opposition that opposes the congressionally-mandated Pacific Northwest Trail can be readily identifiable to a few individuals and groups that wish to forever change the trail route and ultimately the economic climate and wellbeing of northwest Montana.

These few people do not speak for the majority of Lincoln County residents and the misinformation used to make the change is nothing more than propaganda. The tiny economic gains they tout are far outweighed by huge impacts of additional loss of a vast swath of prime timber-producing lands. This negative effect negates the wrongly alleged economics of a possible reroute.

The Yaak Valley Forest Council and the few voices heard from outside the area do not have the wellbeing of Lincoln County residents in mind, nor are they the voice of Lincoln County; the elected officials are.

The re-route of the Pacific Northwest Trail has no true public following and the following elected officials wish to go on record to put an end to anymore wishful thinking on the subject. The reroute of the Pacific Northwest Trail is dead. Leave it where it is

State Rep. Steve Gunderson (D-1), State Rep. Neil Durham (D-2) and State Sen. Mike Cuffe (D-1)