Friday, June 18, 2021

‘The Land Beyond All Roads’ paints a picture of a real outdoorsman

| February 21, 2020 11:51 AM

To the editor:

On Jan. 31, you featured an excellent review of “The Land Beyond All Roads” by our own Jack DeShazer. I obtained the book not on Amazon but via Good News Christian books here in Libby. I spent an entire evening reading about a man’s deep respect and love of sharing the wilds of Montana with a variety of hunters, flower collectors and enthusiasts.

I first entered the Bob Marshall Wilderness in 1980 with my father and his brothers. I spent the last eight years exploring and hiking Montana’s vast wilderness while living in a camper with my best friend, Max. I soon realized that my experiences paled in comparison to DeShazer’s adventures as described in this diverse, authentic and well-written book.

I was cathartically transported, via the real experience of a guide, deep into the wild. He has an unbridled willingness to enter “The Land Beyond All Roads.” He possesses confidence and knowledge, seeks harmony and improvises in the face of difficult and unforeseen challenges.

That, I believe, takes a lot of courage.

His training, and application of his mules and horses, is something that almost cannot be taught. “The Land Beyond All Roads” is an account of a man’s life and his passion. It’s what he is really all about, that is, to share openly and without hesitation his love and knowledge of our wilderness for the many people that need to experience all the great powers of the untamed backcountry. I say, well done.

J. Anderson