Bullock boasts strong record on health care

| August 21, 2020 9:31 AM

To the editor:

Health care is a universal need for every human being. Regardless of your political opinions, every person can recall a time when they needed medical aid. Gov. Steve Bullock has provided strong and steady leadership to give more Montanans than ever before access to affordable health care.

Bullock has worked tirelessly to make sure all Montanans can access and afford quality care. Medicaid expansion, which was signed into law by the governor, has had other benefits for the state as well.

The expansion of Medicaid made a positive economic impact, specifically in rural communities around the state. And it kept every single one of our rural hospitals open even as dozens of similar facilities closed around the country. The TV ads running right now claim differently, but they can’t change the facts of Bullock’s record.

The governor has proven that he always puts Montanans first and will work with both parties to continue to improve the state’s health care. He works hard to make health care affordable and accessible for all of us.

We need a senator who will make Washington, D.C., work more like Montana. We need someone who will protect our care and stop the attacks from politicians in D.C. on our health care, especially in the middle of a pandemic. That is why I am supporting Gov. Steve Bullock for the U.S. Senate this November. He has proven time and again that he will put Montana first and we need that leadership in Washington.

Ann C. German