One more great memory made thanks to the staff of the Libby Volunteer Fire Department

| August 11, 2020 8:31 AM

To the editor:

Thank you, Libby Volunteer Fire Department! On July 30, I was invited to escort my dad, Marshall Warrington Jr., to the department’s annual barbecue at Fireman’s Park. At 91, he is the oldest living retired Libby volunteer firefighter, starting in 1949 at age 20 and retiring 21 years later.

The barbecue was a five-star steak meal served generously. Everyone there made us feel more than welcome.

Growing up as a fireman’s kid, I have several good memories: watching the Fourth of July displays from the Little League fields as the firemen shot the fireworks over the Kootenai, the Christmas tree lightings in front of the courthouse and going to the fire hall after the volunteers returned from fighting the fire, crawling all over the fire trucks with the other kids and pestering our dads for a nickel to get an orange soda from the pop machine.

Kudos to the Libby Volunteer Fire Department and thanks again!

Ken Warrington