Let those chickens come on home to roost

| April 28, 2020 8:56 AM

To the editor:

We should be proud of people in Libby who will grow a garden, plant a fruit tree and raise livestock for meat, milk and eggs. They also will teach the next generation how to be self-sufficient.

Look back in time and I bet no one, on any given day, was concerned about people raising a few chickens to supplement their food supply. I doubt they expected to pay a licensing fee to keep an egg producing chicken. They would have been appalled.

In light of the current crisis, a few eggs being available in our area represents an added layer of security for which our leaders should be thankful.

Ordinances and laws are fine, but should not be used simply to make people criminals or for tax revenue. May I remind the city that we also have a non-native, invasive turkey and rabbit population in the city and CWD problems as yet unresolved?

I believe that we need to focus on more important issues, such as being less dependent on imported goods that are subject to global influences. Libby needs to get back to supporting each other and not alienating people trying to make good things happen for this community.

Thank you Libby City Council for allowing chickens within the city limits, but let’s not derail the good things that came out of the ordinance change. I would suggest amending the ordinance to say that if chickens are free ranging and creating a nuisance, their neighbor may house them in their freezer.

Linda Alkire