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Health officials bemoan lack of veterinary services

by Derrick Perkins Western News
| November 15, 2019 10:35 AM

Lincoln County health officials say a lack of veterinary services in the area is adding to the space crunch at animal shelters.

Health department officials told Lincoln County commissioners Nov. 13 that shelters have taken in 450 cats since May. The lack of space has increased concerns about illnesses spreading between the animals.

To alleviate overcrowding, officials have traded a few of the cats for dogs, which are more easily adoptable, from other shelters in Montana.

Many of the felines are feral. While barn homes exist for these animals, authorities say they are having trouble spaying and neutering the cats. Libby suffers a dearth of veterinary services, officials said.

And getting a cat spayed or neutered is expensive, said County Commissioner Josh Letcher (District 3). He reported that it cost more than $100 for the service for a recently acquired pet.

Officials said they can secure discounted services of about $50 an animal, but that cost adds up quickly.