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Troy's Leighty is state qualifier in three events

by Benjamin Kibbey Western News
| May 14, 2019 4:00 AM

Saturday’s Bigfork Invitational was a mixed result for the Troy High School track and field team.

Troy senior Hunter Leighty dropped times in multiple events Saturday, winning the 100 meter dash in 11.37 seconds, a new personal record, and pulling off another personal best in the 200 meter dash with a first place finish in 22.98 seconds.

He also won the 400 meter dash with a time of 50.62 seconds, just .12 second short of his personal best from the Seeley-Swan Invitational on April 20.

Leighty is now a state qualifier in all three events.

Leighty was the only Troy athlete to place in the top five in any event Saturday, but freshman A.J Starks continues to drop time, pulling off a personal record in the 1,600 meter run with a time of 5:15.02.

Senior Trevor Hoagland also saw improvement, hitting 128 feet, 5 inches in the javelin, besting his previous personal record by 9 feet.

For the girls, junior Ella Pierce, who has been battling a knee injury all season, was the only Troy competitor, coming in at 4 feet, 4 inches in the high jump.

Bigfork Invitational

Saturday, May 11


1. Bigfork 172, 2. Loyola-Sacred Heart 142, 3. Lincoln County 50, 4. Thompson Falls 37, 4. Anaconda 37, 6. Florence-Carlton 32, 7. Troy 30, 8. Powell County 18, 9. St Ignatius 9.

100 m dash: 1. Hunter Leighty (Troy) 11.37a (PR); 2. Hunter Mahan (Loyola-Sacred Heart) 11.62a; 3. Cal Gibson (Loyola-Sacred Heart) 11.64aSR.

200m dash: 1. Hunter Leighty (Troy) 22.98a (PR); 2. Nolan Iverson (Loyola-Sacred Heart) 23.83a (PR); 3. Jaren Lue (Florence-Carlton) 24.18a (PR).

400m dash: 1. Hunter Leighty (Troy) 50.62a; 2. Hunter Mahan (Loyola-Sacred Heart) 52.29a (PR); 3. Ridger Palma (Loyola-Sacred Heart) 52.55a (PR).

800m run: 1. Ben Beauchman (Thompson Falls) 2:09.82a (PR); 2. Alex Lowe (Lincoln County) 2:09.84aSR; 3. Creagan Keller (Florence-Carlton) 2:13.86a (PR).

Also for Troy: 22. Ricky Starks 2:33.07a.

1,600m run: 1. Evan Benton (Bigfork) 4:51.89a (PR); 2. Anton Young (Bigfork) 4:54.05a (PR); 3. Isaac Reynolds (Lincoln County) 4:55.64a (PR).

Also for Troy: 15. A.J. Starks 5:15.02a (PR); 24. Ricky Starks 5:32.64a.

3,200m run: 1. Aiden Butterfield (Bigfork) 11:16.04a; 2. Anton Young (Bigfork) 11:27.92a; 3. Nathaniel Gale (Florence-Carlton) 11:28.14a.

Also for Troy: 11. A.J. Starks 12:11.2a.

Javelin - 800g: 1. Logan Gilliard (Bigfork) 157-03; 2. Bryce Danielson (Loyola-Sacred Heart) 155-10; 3. Trey Fisher (Thompson Falls) 154-10 (PR).

Also for Troy: 7. Trevor Hoagland 128-05 (PR); 28. Ricky Starks 87-07.

Triple jump: 1. Creagan Keller (Florence-Carlton) 38-01 (PR); 2. Chayton Troesh-Worell (Bigfork) 38-00; 3. Alex Stergios (Loyola-Sacred Hear) 37-11.

Also for Troy: 9. Trevor Hoagland 34-04.


High jump: 1. Afton Brander (St Ignatius) 4-10; 2. Jody Detlaff (Thompson Falls) 4-10; 3. Sierra Hanks (Thompson Falls) 4-08.

Also for Troy: 8. Ella Pierce 4-04.