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Libby wins county meet

by Benjamin Kibbey Western News
| May 3, 2019 4:00 AM


Dawson Rose struggles to get enough height while pole vaulting, Tuesday at the Lincoln County Track Meet in Libby. (Luke Hollister/The Western News)


Jerry Powell races to pass the baton during a unified race, Tuesday at the Lincoln County Track Meet in Libby. "Believe you can do it," he said. (Luke Hollister/The Western News)


Olivia Gilliam-Smith clears the bar while pole vaulting, Tuesday at the Lincoln County Track Meet in Libby. (Luke Hollister/The Western News)


Trevor Hoagland takes aim with his javelin, Tuesday at the Lincoln County Track Meet in Libby. (Luke Hollister/The Western News)


AJ Starks runs to the finish line, Tuesday at the Lincoln County Track Meet in Libby. (Luke Hollister/The Western News)


Ricky Starks and and Elijah Smith face off on the last leg of their 800 meter race, Tuesday at the Lincoln County Track Meet in Libby. (Luke Hollister/The Western News)


Jay Beagle picks up speed at the start of the 200 meter dash Tuesday. (Luke Hollister/The Western News)


Emma Gruber, left, races the 200 meter, Tuesday at the Lincoln County Track Meet in Libby. (Luke Hollister/The Western News)

The Lincoln County Track Meet saw good successes for both the Loggers and the Trojans. Libby won the overall score in both the boys and girls events.

“We had a good meet. The weather was nice, and we had some really good performances,” said Libby Head Coach Jim May.

Libby junior Keith Johnson reached 6 feet in the high jump, winning the event and qualifying for state with a new personal best.

“He was pretty excited,” May said.

Johnson also won the triple jump with 39 feet, 5.25 inches.

Libby sophomore Olivia Gilliam Smith won the long jump with a 16 foot, 0.5 inch jump. She took first in the pole vault as well, setting a new personal best at 7 feet, 6 inches.

Libby senior Emma Gruber came up half an inch short of qualifying for state in the long jump, taking second place with 15 feet, 11.5 inches.

Libby sophomore Jay Beagle, who had taken some time off with sore hamstrings to avoid any injury, was back at the front of the pack in the 100 and 200 meter dashes, winning the 100 meter in 11.46 seconds and the 200 meter in 23.49 seconds.

“He ran well today. He’s kind of back on the horse,” May said. “So, we’ll turn him lose in that 400 on Saturday at the Archie Roe in Kalispell.”

Beagle also joined senior Eli Gilliam-Smith, senior Colten Clemons and freshman Kaleb Folk to win the 4x100 meter relay in 45.4 seconds.

Libby junior John Cheroske won the 800, 1,600 and 3,200 meter runs, setting a new personal best in the 3,200 meter with 10:57.47.

Libby junior Cyrus Sweedman won the shot put with a season-record 41 feet, 10.5 inches, and went on to win the discus as well with a mighty 116-foot, 8-inch throw.

Libby senior Ethan Beck hit 19 feet, 8 inches to win the long jump, a new personal best.

For the Lady Loggers, senior Mikalyn Zeiler won the 800 meter run in 2:44.79 and the 1,600 meter run in 6:16.31, a new personal best.

Libby sophomore Halona LaFleur pulled off her own personal best in the 3,200 meter run, winning the event with a 13:52.0 time.

The 100 meter hurdles again saw senior teammates Gruber and Isabella Hollingworth vying for the win, with only a half second separating Gruber’s 17.04 second win from Hollingsworth’s 17.53 second, second-place time. The times were a season record for both Lady Loggers.

Hollingsworth set her own personal best in the triple jump as well, winning the event with a 32-foot, 3-inch jump.

Gruber and Hollingsworth joined Gilliam-Smith and freshman Madison Caruthers to win the 4x100 meter relay in 53.21 seconds.

“”I was a little worried after Thursday,” May said, referring to the seeming lack of improvement compared to recent competitions that the Loggers saw at the Glacier Cinco. After a little rest, May was pleased with the performance Libby pulled off at their home track.

Troy had the smallest team of the three at the county meet, but still took home a number of personal victories and a win in the high jump for junior Ella Pierce, who won the event with a 4-foot, 8-inch jump.

It was the third competition high jump this season for Pierce, who plateaued at 4 feet, 8 inches last season. Yet — despite still carrying a knee injury from basketball — she was already jumping at that height on her second competition of this season at the Seeley-Swan Invitational on April 20.

“We know Ella has the ability to clear 4-10 and above, but her injury is definitely holding her back,” Troy Head Coach Neil Newton said by email. “It is a testament to her toughness that she is out there competing. I’m hoping that she can get enough reps in during the next few weeks to get her strength up.”

Troy senior Hunter Leighty was missing from the county meet, but Newton said he was only ill, and that he hopes to have Hunter — who recently had the fastest 400 meter dash time in Montana — back to 100 percent for the Archie Roe on Saturday.

Newton complimented his entire team for how they carried themselves at the meet.

“Even though the county meet was lacking in the number of participants, what a great group of young people out there,” he said.

Though Pierce had the only Troy event win with her high jump, junior Ricky Starks had a personal best in the 800 meter run with a 2:29.61 time, and his freshman brother, A.J. Starks, had a personal best in the 3,200 meter run with a time of 11:50.44.

Troy senior Trevor Hoagland pulled off a personal best in the triple jump, stretching out to 37 feet, 1.75 inches.

Troy senior Emily Ramirez outdid herself in the 800 meter run, setting a personal best with a time of 3:06.92.

Lincoln County Track Meet

Tuesday, April 30


1. Libby 92, 2. Eureka 63, 3. Troy 5

100m dash: 1. Jay Beagle (Libby) 11.46h, 2. Colten Clemons (Libby) 11.84h, 3. Grady Seal (Eureka) 12.03h, 4. Jakeb Kindel (Eureka) 12.09h, 5. Kaleb Folk (Libby) 12.17h, 6. Mason Davis (Eureka) 12.23h, 7. David Patterson (Libby) 12.42h, 8. Chris Beamer (Eureka) 12.51h, 9. Eli Gilliam-Smith (Libby) 12.85h, 10. Ethan Beck (Libby) 13.03h.

200m dash: 1. Jay Beagle (Libby) 23.49a, 2. Jakeb Kindel (Eureka) 25.16a, 3. William Demmerly (Eureka) 27.76a, 4. Joseph Kindel (Eureka) 27.97a (PR).

400m dash: 1. Joshua Butts (Eureka) 57.52a, 2. Carson Komac (Eureka) 1:00.12a (PR), 3. Joseph Kindel (Eureka) 1:02.31a (PR).

800m run: 1. John Cheroske (Libby) 2:17.76a, 2. Hunter Carvey (Eureka) 2:20.7a (SR), 3. Ricky Starks (Troy) 2:29.61a (PR), 4. Will O’Connell (Libby) 2:30.22a, 5. Lucky Martin (Libby) 2:36.91a, 6. Dawson Rose (Libby) 2:39.75a.

1,600m run: 1. John Cheroske (Libby) 5:10.96a, 2. Isaac Reynolds (Eureka) 5:13.04a, 3. Hunter Carvey (Eureka) 5:17.71a, 4. A.J. Starks (Troy) 5:29.41a, 5. Henry Cooke (Eureka) 5:33.58a (PR), 6. Will O’Connell (Libby) 5:40.78a, 7. Lucky Martin (Libby) 5:44.3a, 8. Ricky Starks (Troy) 5:44.7a, 9. Dawson Rose (Libby) 5:49.1a.

3,200m run: 1. John Cheroske (Libby) 10:57.47h (PR), 2. Isaac Reynolds (Eureka) 11:07.43h, 3. Will O’Connell (Libby) 11:41.0h, 4. Henry Cooke (Eureka) 11:42.53h (PR), 5. Lucky Martin (Libby) 11:49.63h (PR), 6. A.J. Starks (Troy) 11:50.44h (PR), 7. Dawson Rose (Libby) 12:42.0h (PR).

300m hurdles: 1. Chris Beamer (Eureka) 45.04a (PR).

4x100m relay: 1. (Libby) Eli Gilliam-Smith, Jay Beagle, Colten Clemons and Kaleb Folk 45.4a; 2. (Eureka) Grady Seal, Jakeb Kindel, Mason Davis, Joshua Butts 46.76a.

4x400m relay: 1. (Eureka) Chris Beamer, William Demmerly, Grady Seal, Joshua Butts 3:56.93a; 2. (Libby) John Cheroske, Ryker Ford, Aydan Williamson, Will O’Connell 3:59.98a.

Shot put - 12lb: 1. Cyrus Sweedman (Libby) 41-10.5 (SR), 2. Aydan Williamson (Libby) 36-06.25.

Discus - 1.6kg: 1. Cyrus Sweedman (Libby) 116-08, 2. Aydan Williamson (Libby) 95-07 (PR), 3. Trey Anderson (Libby) 86-09 (PR), 4. Lucky Martin (Libby) 72-06 (PR).

Javelin - 800g: 1. Jakeb Kindel (Eureka) 162-11, 2. Jay Beagle (Libby) 139-04, 3. Aydan Williamson (Libby) 130-07, 4. Joseph Kindel (Eureka) 126-03 (PR), 5. Cyrus Sweedman (Libby) 119-08, 6. Trey Anderson (Libby) 94-06, 7. Trevor Hoagland (Troy) 94-02, 8. Carson Komac (Eureka) 92-00, 9. Ricky Starks (Troy) 88-08 (PR).

High jump: 1. Keith Johnson (Libby) 6-00 (PR), 2. Colten Clemons (Libby) 5-10, 3. David Patterson (Libby) 5-06, 4. Trevor Hoagland (Troy) 5-04, 5. Trey Anderson (Libby) 5-02 (PR),

Pole vault: 1. Colter Casazza (Eureka) 12-03 (PR), 2. Ethan Beck (Libby) 11-03, 3. AJ Pacella (Eureka) 11-03 (PR), 4. John Cheroske (Libby) 9-03, 5. Dawson Rose (Libby) 9-03 (PR), 6. Will O’Connell (Libby) 8-03.

Long jump: 1. Ethan Beck (Libby) 19-08 (PR), 2. AJ Pacella (Eureka) 19-03.75 (PR), 3. Ryker Ford (Libby) 18-09.5 (PR), 4. Eli Gilliam-Smith (Libby) 17-11, 5. Joshua Butts (Eureka) 16-07.25, 6. Kaleb Folk (Libby) 15-02.5.

Triple jump: 1. Keith Johnson (Libby) 39-05.25, 2. AJ Pacella (Eureka) 38-09 (PR), 3. David Patterson (Libby) 38-02 (PR), 4. Trevor Hoagland (Troy) 37-01.75 (PR), 5. Joshua Butts (Eureka) 36-11.75 (PR).


1. Libby 83, 2. Lincoln County 66, 3. Troy 6

100m dash: 1. Maya Carvey (Eureka) 12.93a (PR), 2. Olivia Gilliam-Smith (Libby) 13.58a, 3. Madison Caruthers (Libby) 14.31a, 4. Bridget Pena (Libby) 15.1a, 5. Krystal Pena (Libby) 15.56a, 6. Savanna Sanderson (Libby) 15.78a, 6. Stevie Pattison (Eureka) 15.78a (PR), 8. Katelyn Hanes (Eureka) 16.57a (PR), 9. Keely Dedina (Eureka) 18.52a.

200m dash: 1. Maya Carvey (Eureka) 27.44a (PR), 2. Olivia Gilliam-Smith (Libby) 28.15a, 3. Krystal Pena (Libby) 29.97a (PR), 4. Madison Caruthers (Libby) 30.1a (PR), 5. Savanna Sanderson (Libby) 30.2a (PR), 6. Morgan Price (Eureka) 32.69a (PR).

400m dash: 1. Mckay Guckenberg (Eureka) 1:06.15a, 2. Katelyn Hanes (Eureka) 1:06.34a (PR).

800m run: 1. Mikalyn Zeiler (Libby) 2:44.79a (PR), 2. Karissa Bahlmann (Eureka) 2:52.27a (PR), 3. Halona LaFleur (Libby) 3:01.4a (SR), 4. Dana Melton (Eureka) 3:06.23a (PR), 5. Emily Ramirez (Troy) 3:06.92a (PR), 6. Berlynn Ditton (Eureka) 3:19.51a.

1,600m run: 1. Mikalyn Zeiler (Libby) 6:16.31a (PR), 2. Izzy Coffman (Eureka) 6:41.83a, 3. Halona LaFleur (Libby) 6:56.95a.

3,200m run: 1. Halona LaFleur (Libby) 13:52.0a (PR), 2. Izzy Coffman (Eureka) 14:06.0a (PR).

100m hurdles: 1. Emma Gruber (Libby) 17.04a (SR), 2. Isabella Hollingsworth (Libby) 17.53a (SR), 3. Stevie Pattison (Eureka) 19.43a (PR), 4. Mikalyn Zeiler (Libby) 19.83a (SR).

4x100m relay: 1. (Libby) Madison Caruthers, Olivia Gilliam-Smith, Isabella Hollingsworth and Emma Gruber 53.21a; 2. (Eureka) Karissa Bahlmann, Morgan Price, Mckay Guckenberg and Jaden Mason 59.29a.

4x400m relay: 1. (Eureka) Dana Melton, Mckay Guckenberg, Karissa Bahlmann and Jaden Mason 5:10.12a.

Shot put - 4kg: 1. Kiernan Tullis (Eureka) 30-08, 2. Keely Dedina (Eureka) 28-11, 3. Autumn Fajotina (Libby) 23-00.

Discus - 1kg: 1. Kiernan Tullis (Eureka) 98-06, 2. Keely Dedina (Eureka) 69-08, 3. Autumn Fajotina (Libby) 64-04.

Javelin - 600g: 1. Karlee Frost (Eureka) 112-07, 2. Morgan Williams (Libby) 77-02, 3. Jaden Mason (Eureka) 56-04, 4. Emily Ramirez (Troy) 55-02 (PR), 5. Autumn Fajotina (Libby) 49-10, 6. Kayla Gore (Eureka) 46-04 (PR).

High jump: 1. Ella Pierce (Troy) 4-08, 2. Karissa Bahlmann (Eureka) 3-10.

Pole vault: 1. Olivia Gilliam-Smith (Libby) 7-06 (PR), 2. Isabella Hollingsworth (Libby) 6-06, 2. Mikalyn Zeiler (Libby) 6-06, 4. Bridget Pena (Libby) 6-00, 5. Halona LaFleur (Libby) 6-00.

Long jump: 1. Olivia Gilliam-Smith (Libby) 16-00.5, 2. Emma Gruber (Libby) 15-11.5 (PR), 3. Jaden Mason (Eureka) 14-01, 4. Krystal Pena (Libby) 14-00.5 (PR), 5. Savanna Sanderson (Libby) 13-06.5, 6. Madison Caruthers (Libby) 13-04.5, 7. Bridget Pena (Libby) 13-01.5 (PR), 8. Morgan Price (Eureka) 12-00 (PR), 9. Katelyn Hanes (Eureka) 11-04.5 (PR), 10. Stevie Pattison (Eureka) 11-01.5 (PR), 11. Morgan Williams (Libby) 10-08.5 (PR), 12. Kayla Gore (Eureka) 8-04.5 (PR).

Triple jump: 1. Isabella Hollingsworth (Libby) 32-02 (PR), 2. Savanna Sanderson (Libby) 30-00 (PR), 3. Madison Caruthers (Libby) 28-08, 4. Krystal Pena (Libby) 26-11, 5. Autumn Fajotina (Libby) 22-08 (SR).