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Fire endangers homes near Libby

by The Western News
| July 30, 2019 7:12 PM


SMOKE POURS from a wildfire Tuesday afternoon near the U.S. Forest Service fire cache located off of Pipe Creek Road outside of Libby. (Suzanne Resch/The Western News)

A wildfire has broken out in Lincoln County near the U.S. Forest Service Fire Cache located outside of Libby.

Windy conditions as well as heavy timber and rocks have made fighting the fire difficult.

Two helicopters are dumping water on the blaze, which is burning just off Pipe Creek Road on the north side above Remp’s pit.

The Libby Volunteer Fire Department had three tender trucks on the scene and crews from the U.S. Forest Service were there, too.

The Troy Fire Department was called in for backup.

A cause has not been determined.