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Thank you, Libby, for supporting Nordicfest

| December 17, 2019 10:52 AM

To the editor:

It is with regret that this letter must be written,

This past September saw the last Nordicfest Heritage Festival held in Libby. The board of directors made the decision to close the door as we feel Nordicfest has unfortunately run its course. This was a very difficult decision to make.

Nordicfest was the dream of June McMahon. She and another couple, the Holters, talked to community leaders and decided to hold a mini-fest. Nordicfest grew over the years.

We could not have lasted for all these years without the help of many, many volunteers from this community. Therefore, we must thank everyone who gave of their time and energy to make Nordicfest happen each year.

Working with our board has been so rewarding. They all worked very hard. We must give special thanks to our kings and queens all through the years, as well as the princes and princesses, and also the knutes.

Thank you to everyone who had a special part to play in Libby Nordicfest Heritage Festival.

Tusen Tak (A thousand thanks).

Ray Eanes, Gina Huffman, Freda Howard, Pam Peppenger, Rita Wickam and Heather Robertson

Nordicfest Board