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Patriotic Concert

by John Blodgett Western News
| November 9, 2018 3:00 AM


Libby Middle School Choir students perform during a “Patriotic Concert” at the Libby Memorial Events Center Tuesday night. They are, from left: (front) Amber Harding and Dakota Thomas and (back) Cora Byrd, Rhiannon Slenes, Matthew Niemi, Lauren Olin and Genevi Reatz. The Libby Middle School Honors Choir and Libby Children’s Select Choir also performed. (John Blodgett/The Western News)


Libby Middle School Choir students Wyatt Finley, left rear, and Jake Newton play tone chimes behind singers Matthew Niemi, Rhiannon Slenes and Lauren Olin. (John Blodgett/The Western News)