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Sheriff's Office commends county IT director for role in rebuilding 911 system

by John Blodgett Western News
| February 2, 2018 3:00 AM

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office recently recognized the County’s IT director for his role in rebuilding the 911 system.

Sheriff Roby Bowe, in a letter dated Dec. 7, 2017, told Ernie Anderson that “the success of the project was due in large part to your dedication and attention to detail.”

“The leadership and ownership you demonstrated throughout the process was noticed and appreciated,” Bowe wrote.

County Administrator Darren Coldwell brought the accolade to the attention of the Lincoln County Commission Wednesday, when Anderson updated the commissioners on various things happening in his department.

Anderson said via email on Thursday that the rebuild caused no hiccups in 911 service despite being “a big project.”

“All of the call takers needed training on it before cutting over” to the new system, he wrote. “There was a live training center setup, and all the call takers were able to practice in the new system in advance to the cut over.”

Anderson said the letter of recognition “makes me feel that it was a job well done,” but “it would not have happened if it was not for a lot of other people who worked alongside me on the project.”

“I take great pride in working with all the different staffs of Lincoln County,” he wrote. “Like the call takers (dispatch team), I was just a single spoke of the hub-and-spoke team that made this project come together and be the success it is.”