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New Troy boys coach weighs in on coming hoops season

by The Western News
| November 24, 2017 3:00 AM

Coach: Bradley Dunn-meier

How many seniors are on the roster? One.

Who do you consider to be team-leaders and why? Senior AJ Faur is our current leader. We have 10 juniors on the roster who we hope will become leaders as the season progresses.

Who are your strongest competitors and why? Bigfork is a strong competitor from what I am told. They were first in the conference last year. Bigfork has most of their starters returning.

Is the conference a strong one? I do not have knowledge of the conference or state. I do know that Eureka has some good athletes based on the success of their football team this year. I know Thompson Falls has two good players returning as I saw them play in summer ball.

What excites you most about the coming season? Seeing the improvement of the players as the year goes on. We are very athletic and have a great attitude. I look forward to seeing the players gain the skills to use their athleticism to their advantage.

What is your biggest challenge? Inexperience on varsity. We have no returning starters from last year.