Saturday, January 28, 2023

A wake-up call for Trump voters

| November 10, 2017 3:00 AM

So what will it take for undereducated, uninformed Montanans to realize they voted in a madman as President of the United States? After all they don’t read, don’t watch real TV news, have no idea what Trump actually does as POTUS. They get all their false information from a phony TV news entertainment show called Fox News, and listen to the drug dealer Rush Limbaugh rant on the radio. They are incapable of discerning the truth from false news and lies.

Unfortunately for those of us who did adequately educate ourselves and do stay informed by constantly reading many sources and watching and listening to real news shows, we must share this country with those who will have destroyed it by outnumbering us and therefor outvoting us. Does “might make right?” Color me angry.

I am unable to communicate sound concepts and ideas with my fellow-Montanans, since they do not care to listen and learn…but prefer the notion of “ignorance is bliss” as they walk around playing with their hand-held computer toys. Color me frustrated.

Our nation is being destroyed from within, and our world-wide reputation is being mocked by all other nations, as we run the risk of thermonuclear war and its subsequent death from nuclear winter destruction or global climate heating destruction from carbon dioxide and methane gases. How many of you know, understand, or care?

Our only salvation is to impeach this woman-groping misogynistic maniac POTUS named Trump, along with his Vice President Pence, a religious fanatic who would abolish our constitutional concept of separation of church and state, and hope Paul Ryan, down the food chain at Speaker of the House of Representatives, can recover the damage…if he even chooses to? After all, he is another wealthy Republican who undoubtedly, from my own personal observations of many Republicans, made his money using illicit business practices, and can fool all of the ignorant people all of the time. But, too bad, so sad, the Republican-controlled congress will never impeach Trump. At least not without the permission of the Putin lead Russians who got him elected in America.

Hopefully, before total damage is done, the next election will realize people somehow getting considerably smarter about liars and false news and paying attention and getting well-informed and who vote like intelligentsia. If not, we are all doomed.

One might ask: Why not amend the constitution guaranteeing everyone has the right to vote and make voting a privilege based on IQ test score? Answer: Because it would become politicized. Who would determine what test questions to ask? Who would administer the test? Who would monitor the test? Who would grade the test and score it? Nothing would change from current political influences. It would be the same as the horrid practice of gerrymandering voting districts in order to win elections, promulgated by the Republican Party in modern times.

It looks like the 20 percent of us who are smart will always be under the thumb of the 80 percent majority who are not. Color me forlorn.

—Bill Baum

Martin City