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Libby Loggers golf success due to work ethic

| May 23, 2017 4:00 AM

Wow, when you think it can’t get any better Ryggs Johnston takes it to a different level. His round on Tuesday was so very special I don’t really have the words to tell you how good it was.

Shooting 29 on his back 9, which is the front 9 in Shelby, is unimaginable. I spoke with a number of members from Shelby’s course and they were amazed and didn’t think a 29 was possible on the first 9. They always swap starting holes with the boys and girls with number 1 and number 10 for equality and that is why he played the back 9 first on Tuesday.

The team is such a big part of Ryggs’ success. He continues to drive the team to improve and succeed. The idea of Libby having a team in the State B tournament in 2017 was to say the least a very wild dream! The “Fab Fore Froshmores” got it done! Two freshman and two sophomores placed eighth in the State B High School Tournament, because of hard work!

Every Logger in the history of Libby would be so proud of this blue-collar, hard-working group of young men!

—Dann Rohrer