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Governor funds Libby asbestos cleanup advisory team

by John Blodgett Western News
| May 12, 2017 4:00 AM

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock on May 4 signed into law a bill to create a Libby asbestos cleanup advisory team and the funding to support it.

The news concerning Senate Bill 315, sponsored by Sen. Chas Vincent (R-Libby), was announced at Wednesday night’s meeting of the City-County Board of Health at Lincoln County Courthouse.

Nick Raines, the board’s asbestos resource program manager, said he was surprised by the bill’s virtually unanimous support as it made its way through the Montana House and Senate, saying that there was only one no vote during an early draft of the legislation.

According to the text of the bill, it revises laws related to the cleanup of the Libby asbestos Superfund site; creates an advisory team, a trust fund and an operation and maintenance account and a liaison; establishes duties and funding; provides fund transfers and appropriations; requires reporting; amends MCA section 75-10-704; and provides an effective date.