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Breed-specific legislation makes Libby user-unfriendly

| May 12, 2017 4:00 AM

I live near Portland Oregon, I travel to your fair city a couple of times a year. I have done this for the past several years, since my daughter relocated to your area.

My dog Clancy is my traveling companion and good friend. He’s a rescue dog, I don’t really know his parenting, for sure he’s part bulldog, and it’s also possible he is part pit bull. Whatever, he is he is a gentle soul of nearly 14 years, I have never had any troubles with him.

I had heard of your breed-specific legislation laws, but had visited a couple of times without any issues. Then three summers ago, after driving the 550 miles from my home to see my daughter and grandson, I had been there maybe 20 minutes when a patrol car pulls up. The officer informed me of the law and told me, and I quote, “You can stay but the dog has to go, now!”

So instead of me spending three nights in one of your hotels, I spent my time at the dam sleeping in my auto. Instead of taking my family to dinner at one of your diners, we ate camp food. And each year since then it’s been much the same.

To many people their dogs are family, to some their only family. Clancy is my third bully mix spanning nearly 40 years, I can tell you firsthand they are kind loving animals.

I am writing this letter at the behest of Montanans against dog discrimination in the hopes that you will lift this cruel and unnecessary law. And make you fair city a little more user-friendly.

—Golden Taylor

Lake Oswego, OR