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Libby man pleads not guilty to meth possession

by Bethany Rolfson Western News
| March 3, 2017 11:39 AM

Brently Camden Jones, 28, pleaded not guilty on Monday to his second offense of criminal possesion of dangerous drugs, a felony.

According to the affidavit of probable cause set forth by Lincoln County Detective Brad Dodson, on Feb. 10, probation and parole officer Steve Watson requested assistance with a probation check he was doing on two probationers. Watson told Dodson that he saw one individual he was supervising, Jones, at his residence with another individual he also supervised by probation and parole outside. Watson noted that both individuals were known to abuse drugs, specifically methamphetamine.

Upon arrival at the residence, Dodson and Detective Nate Scofield were told by the other probationer Watson saw earlier that Jones was no longer staying at the residence, and the other probationer’s nephew was currently renting the place.

Jone’s belongings were still at the residence, and Dodson and Scofield took the belongings outside to search them. In the bags, there were several small baggies containing a crystal-like substance which later tested positive as methamphetamine.

At the same time, Sergeant Brandon Holzer arrived and searched Jones’ truck, where he proceeded to find a bag of pills, which Jones later told Dodson were muscle relaxers.

Jones was then arrested for probation violation.

Jones later told Dodson that he knew the two pills were muscle relaxers, but he didn’t remember the bags of meth and said he normally didn’t keep bags like that. He also told Dodson that the baggies could have been there from before.

If convicted, Jones could face a maximum of five years and up to $50,000 in fines.

His next omnibus hearing is scheduled for March 27.