Saturday, February 04, 2023

Liberals are going through the 'terrible twos'

| February 28, 2017 10:18 AM

So what did you expect from the liberals after Trump was elected? Did you think they would act like good sports and, while not affirming the President’s agenda, they would be deferential to the will of the citizens of the U.S. allowing the President to go forward on his agenda with some sort of courtesy and respect? Not a chance! The “swamp” has too much money, power and control inside of it and the “swamp critters” who have feasted there for decades will not give up their comfy confines easily. Their “temper tantrums” will pass but not before they do unending damage to their own political party and our nation in general.

The far left women’s movement led the way for the swamp critters with their march on D.C. which was long on emotion and short on rational thought. Dispelling the myth of the “fairer sex”, much of their behavior and speech, particularly by its leaders, was rude, crude and many times even vulgar. Later on protestors, controlled by far left “community organizers” earned their pay as they dutifully saluted their party bosses, picked up their signs and yelled and screamed about anything they could think of (which wasn’t much) hoping to infuse some life into the failing liberal left wing.

Of course, the swamp’s universities, led by Berkeley, made certain any discussion by conservatives inside of their hallowed boundaries would not be tolerated as it would not conform to the prescribed party line they so religiously enforce. Then, to add fuel to the fire, our federal judiciary branch led by a non-descript low level appointed judge who, giving up all pretense of “judicial neutrality”, has tried to further the liberal agenda with his ill-thought out fiat challenging a clearly written law giving our President the authority to regulate immigration.

This carefully scripted show is promoted and showcased by the largest “swamp critter” of all — our press and news organizations particularly the Associated Press (AP). Since these organizations have clearly shown that they have become merely extensions of the Democratic Party, they have lost their effectiveness. They no longer can control the discussions or put their imprint on every situation coloring the discussion to manipulate the masses and they know it. Their power is gone and they don’t like it; and their number one opponent is President Trump who deflects their attacks like water off of a duck’s back while going directly to the people with his message which infuriates them even more. Their only hope is a general uprising of great enough extent to impeach him from office — a forlorn hope indeed. By continuing this onslaught they are only reinforcing the realization of how false and out of line they are. The only good news is that, by default, Fox News will be the winner. In addition these antics are reinforcing the vision of the Democratic Party as angry, aggressive, hostile, intolerant bullies, and indeed violent — not a pretty picture for sure.

The base of our country is strong enough to put with all of these demonstrations. Those who have gone through the “terrible twos” with their children recognize these symptoms. While the far left may not like it, we, as a nation, are going to go the right as it is clear the left-wing agenda, while rewarding their rich liberal friends located mainly in the cities of our land, has failed the working citizens of our country particularly the middle class. And while we would prefer them to come along, if not willingly then at least begrudgingly, we must and will, if necessary, drag them forward kicking and screaming like the spoiled children they are acting like. So hang on, this too will pass.

Mark Agather