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Loggers seek to taste victory at homecoming Friday

by Phil Johnson
| September 27, 2013 3:51 PM


<p>Hard-charging Nic Robertson vs. Bonners Ferry 8-31-13</p>


<p>Homecoming Queen Keeli Green and King Jason Schnackenberg.</p>

Moments after being named Libby High School homecoming king, senior Jason Schnackenberg sat in the cafeteria surrounded by yellow banners, blue balloons and posters urging the football team to “Tame the Broncs.”

Celebrating Thursday’s Dress Your Best theme, young girls walked gingerly through the wooden hallways in too-high heels and dresses that could double as dance attire. Young men wore oversized suits and carried ties in their back pockets. One young man did his best to pull off a fedora.

Yellow and blue, Paul Bunyan-sized bootprints, painted on the hallway floors as part of the decorations arranged by the junior class, befit the significance of the week’s events to many students.

“It’s sad a little bit,” senior quarterback Jared Winslow said. “You don’t want to see it go when you’re a senior. You realize there is no next year.”

Festivities began Monday with College Day. Students were invited to wear gear representing their favorite.

“I wore a University of Montana shirt,” senior running back Nic Robertson said.

Tuesday was Dress Like A Teacher Day. Several students chose to mimic Josh Bean, the gym teacher and assistant football coach.

“Yeah, I’d say about eight to 10 kids dyed their hair,” Winslow said. “I dressed like my dad. He’s a physics teacher here. He wears a lot of golf polos so I found an old one of those and a pair of old glasses.”

Inspired by Washington-based rapper Macklemore’s chart-topping anthem “Thrift Shop,” Wednesday was Thrift Shop Day.

“I wore a white, long-sleeve shirt with a Motley Crue headband,” senior receiver and defensive end Dalton Brown said. “I got a flannel shirt from the thrift shop and I wore some ripped jeans I already had.”

Students will be dismissed from class Friday for the pep rally by the reverberating sounds of the school band walking through the hallways in a tradition that predates the construction of the high school.

Each year’s diorama was posted in the main entrance. The senior class took a holistic approach, titling their diorama “Spikes, Caulks and Cleats” in support of various sports’ footwear. While the other three years used blue and yellow themes, rumor has it the junior’s black background with hints of blue, yellow and red has an inside track. They also made smart use of woodland props.