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Law-Enforcement Blotter

| September 27, 2013 3:47 PM

Lincoln County

Sheriff’s Office

Sept. 4

• A man reported that his teenage daughter had not been home in two days. She was staying in the Pine Tree Plaza in Troy and attending school. He was told to pick his daughter up, but was unable to, due to a suspended driver’s license. He was then told to ask for a transport from a family member or neighbor.

• A deer was struck on Highway 2 near Woodland Road.

• A man at 52 Wood St. reported he had loaned his shotgun and the person he lent it to would not return it.

• A motorcyclist flipped over his handlebars on Highway 2 near Bear Creek. He complained of shoulder pain and was taken to St. John’s Lutheran Hospital for medical assistance.

• An owner of a casino at 519 E. Larch St. reported $500 missing from one of his machines.

• Cecil Walter Rogers was arrested on charges of probation violation.

• Lee Oliver Keto was arrested on charges of probation violation.

• A caller reported loud music from a house on Fifth Street. The person inside said he would keep it down.

Sept. 5

• Coby Benton Garrison was arrested on charges of probation violation at Pine Tree Plaza.

• A caller reported shots fired on Highway 93 near mile-marker No. 160.

• A caller reported a woman screaming for help across the creek from 126 Warland Heights. Police responded and did not find anything.

• A caller reported an injured deer on Highway 2 near the top of Whiskey Hill.

• Kaleb Westbrook was arrested at 411 1st Ave. E. on a warrant out of Ohio.

• A woman reported receiving an unusual call at 178 Parmenter Drive from a man inquiring about drugs. The woman got upset during the conversation and the man reportedly threatened her and her husband.

• A caller reported an open door at the Cabinet View Golf Course. Police found a male employee who had permission to work at night.

Troy Police Department

Sept. 4

• A man reported seeing flames after a lightning strike on South Fork Callahan Trail.

• A man reported that his 13-year-old daughter had not returned from school and was likely walking around smoking marijuana.

Sept. 5

• A caller reported that the water at 910 Hunts Mill Road was shut off following a civil dispute the night prior.

Sept. 6

• A man reported a large mountain lion and young cub hanging around Odie’s Café.

• A caller at 103 W. Missoula Ave. reported a neighborhood dog barking for more than an hour.

Sept. 7

• A man entered the dispatch office reporting that he thinks a friend drugged his drink. A ride home was provided to Libby.

• A woman reported an older white car parked in front of the post office. The passengers were yelling and threatening the woman.

• A traffic accident was reported on Forest Drive. Three passengers were injured when the car went into the ditch and hit a tree. An ambulance was sent. One person was taken to St. John’s Lutheran Hospital. Another was taken by Life Flight to Kootenai Medical Center.

Sept. 8

• A blue SUV was reported crashed on Highway 2 near mile-marker No. 4. No one was in the vehicle.

• A caller at 116 E. Kalispell Ave. reported loud neighbors.

Sept. 9

• Marsha Stindt was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Sept. 10

• A caller at 178 Cox Lane reported a large lawn mower and a set of tools missing.

• A caller at 311 Evergreen Lane reported hearing a screaming woman.

Sept. 11

• A woman reported that a man had fallen at 206 E. Grant Ave. and could not get up.  

• A caller reported an 80-year-old woman was unresponsive but breathing. The woman was taken to St. John’s Lutheran Hospital.

• A woman reported that her husband’s heart monitor went off twice. He was taken to St. John’s Lutheran Hospital.

• A caller reported that her father was unresponsive but breathing at 514 Garrison Road. He was taken to St. John’s Lutheran Hospital.

Sept. 12

• A caller reported a fight between two women and a man at Home Bar.

Sept. 13

• Several callers reported a single-car accident on Highway 56 near mile-marker No. 33. The man driving sustained minor injuries and declined medical attention.

• A caller reported a 106-year-old woman had fallen. She was transported to St. John’s Lutheran Hospital.

Sept. 14

• A man requested extra patrol around his mother’s house. She was home alone and a door had been messed with.

Sept. 15

• A caller reported a white Volvo sedan with a county plate passing in no passing zones, on corners and tailgating.

Sept. 16

• A caller reported an escaped small pot-bellied pig.

Lincoln County

Sheriff’s Office

Sept. 6

• A caller at 817 E. 5th St. reported loud music from a neighbor’s residence. A person was arrested upon refusal to submit a breathe sample.

• Travis Clinton Plantiko was arrested for probation violation.

• A caller at 111 My Road reported a checking scam.

• William Edward Kilgore was arrested on charges of driving with a suspended driver’s license.

• A man reported he was assaulted at the Luck-E-G Post & Rail. He was bleeding from the shoulder and said he was gouged by a metal pipe.

• A caller reported a shoplifter at the Libby Sports Center.

• Moses Bradford Chupp was arrested following a domestic disturbance at 60 River View Drive.

• A caller reported a male and female looking into a house at 720 Mineral Ave. with flashlights.

Sept. 7

• A caller reported a deer with a possibly broken back at 171 Cherry Creek Drive.