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Troy considers heat pumps for its court, museum

by Phil Johnson
| September 17, 2013 12:46 PM

Troy City Council members will vote to install ductless heat pumps into the town courtroom and museum. The total projected cost is $7,595, which includes a $750 rebate from Bonneville Power Administration.

“The BPA offers an incentive program for switching to more energy efficient options from electric baseboards,” City Treasurer Tracy Rebo said.

“We were nearing the end of our fiscal year and we had remaining incentive funds for rebate,” Deputy Clerk Sandi Sullivan said. “The funds are available for anyone, but we had no new requests, so we focused on some much needed changes.”

Administrative assistant Brad Jones introduced the project at the monthly work meeting last Thursday, which immediately followed a special meeting to discuss a contract with HDR, Inc. The engineering firm will audit current power lines and provide a five-year plan outlining where to bury future wire.

No cost estimation was stated but any total exceeding $10,000 will need approval. Monthly invoices will be provided and written notice can terminate the contract at anytime.

Jones estimated there are currently 26-28 miles of power line in the city. He mentioned HDR, Inc. came on high reference.  

The meeting ended in rousing fashion when a resident voiced impassioned displeasure with City Attorney Heather McDougall and Councilwoman Fran McCully’s testimony in Police Chief McLeod’s Public Safety Officer Standards and Training Council hearing.