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Letters to editor by candidates only seem to come when they seek re-election

| September 17, 2013 12:59 PM

Letter to the Editor,

Don’t be fooled by the incumbents’ letters in the paper full of half-truths.

Has anyone ever seen a letter from any of these council people before the election year? That answer is no.

Has anyone ever received an answer from Mayor Doug Roll? That answer is no.

They all think that weekly letters to the newspapers, in an election year is the answer to get them re-elected. I don’t think so. Next year, you won’t hear anything from them, for another four years.

People of Libby have not forgotten all of their pet projects. They have not forgotten how Mayor Roll and the parks committee treated our veterans and what they wanted to do with the shepherd hooks at our beautiful cemetery.

They have not forgotten Mayor Roll loaning out city equipment, while we drive on our crappy streets. They have not forgotten Mayor Roll breaking the conflict of interest law, and making money from the city. He claimed that he paid it back, but there has been no record of him paying it back, and the list goes on and on.

It is time to vote out the four incumbents, and put some new blood in office.

Arlen Magill, Mike Shock, Brett Teske, Joanne Newman and Allen Olsen are all good people, that truly love and care about our community. They have no hidden agendas and each and every one of them should be voted in and the incumbents Doug Roll, Vicky Lawrence, Robin Benson and Barb Desch should all be voted out.

Louie O’Brien