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Law-Enforcement Blotter

| July 30, 2013 9:54 AM

July 1

Charity Matthews, 29, was arrested on warrant at 2:36 a.m. at Eureka Sports Pub.

• A resident of 142 Spencer Road called dispatch to report his neighbor friend had knocked him out when the caller asked for his video game back.

• The owner of 817 Louisiana Ave. called dispatch to speak to an officer about renters, who were given a 30-day notice and were still at the residence.

• A woman living at 158 Garden Road called police about an EPA assessment truck she wanted off her lawn.

• An elderly man drove a silver and tan pickup into the storefront of Northwest Motorsports. The gentleman did not have malicious intent.

• A neighbor of 57 Deerwood Lane dumped an entire bucket of her trash on the homeowner’s deck.

• A burglar was reported to have broken into the garage with a crowbar at 3175 Deepcreek Road. The only item missing was the homeowner’s chainsaw.

• A man was cited with a DUI after hitting a mailbox on the corner of Flower Street and Nevada Avenue.

• Two employees at the Libby Dam noticed a couple enter the Visitor’s Center at 10:43 p.m. and called dispatch to report suspicious activity. The couple was simply hoping to call some friends to help with their boat, which was taking on water.

July 2

• A Troy resident called dispatch concerned about her intoxicated neighbor who had driven by her house several times to yell at her.

• A car collided with a dump truck with a Missouri license plate on Highway 2. After the driver refused medical treatment, the dump truck caught fire and officers requested backup from a hazardous materials team to clear the scene of dangerous chemicals. Both drivers received citations.

• Officers and a mother responded to a shoplifting call at Empire Foods.

• A resident of 228 Bald Eagle Road called dispatch about someone firing off a gun in the area.

• Montana Highway Patrol arrested Jesse John Driebusch on warrant on Highway 2.

July 3

• A logging truck tipped near mile marker 19 between Libby and Troy, because of a massive shift in weight from the logs driven by Marvin Moe. The truck spilled several logs across the highway and over the guardrail.

• An elderly man in a black Chevrolet pickup crashed into another driver and a dump truck before continuing down Highway 37. Officers found the man on Agather Road.

• A man at 67 Reese Court called dispatch to press charges on his neighbor for pointing a weapon at him.

• A woman called to report her extendable drop hitch had been stolen off of her pickup at 79 Hamann Ave.

• A woman called to report that someone in a white Taurus had swiped the rear end of her vehicle while driving on Highway 2. When she pulled over to speak with the driver, the Taurus continued on towards Kalispell and she called the police.

• A “dine and dash” was reported from Little Joe’s Restaurant on Bull Lake Road. The couple headed south in a black GMC Jimmy without paying for a $63 meal.

July 4

• Four juveniles were picked up past curfew at 12:28 a.m. on 5th Street and Main.

• A man found two other men digging on his claim near Libby Creek Road. The two men told him they had made the proper registration to the claim. Officers peacefully settled the dispute.

• Deputies were called out to Logan State Park where a man had grabbed a woman by the throat before he left the campsite. The caller said the man was carrying a chainsaw and a beer, and had said he would kill law enforcement when the call was made. The man drove away towards Kalispell in a white Grand Cherokee.

• A man came to the Sheriff’s Office concerned about his father who had fired off his gun in his home while highly intoxicated. Officers gave the man a ride to a different residence for the night.

July 5

• A man allegedly pulled a gun on several people at 12:20 a.m. at the Dirty Shame. Officers decided to make a daytime attempt at locating the man’s motor home.

• Jennifer Lee was arrested on warrant at 2:45 a.m. on Yaak Avenue in Troy.

• A man reported that he had been assaulted the previous night behind the Kicking Horse Saloon.

• A theft was reported at 667 Cabinet Heights Road.

• A man speeding down Highway 2 nearly sideswiped a couple driving in the adjacent lane. When the other driver yelled at him to slow down, the man threatened to shoot the other driver in the head. The couple pulled over in the Shopko parking lot to call the police.

• A woman from 29 Deerwood Lane called 911 after the neighbor boy had stolen a bucket from her garden.

• Officers were called out to 204 Farm to Market Road, where the caller’s stepson was verbally abusing the caller’s wife.

• Several articles of jewelry were reported stolen from Minnesota Avenue.

July 6

• A woman called 911 after being separated from the man she was floating the river with. She had fallen into the river in the rough current, and lost sight  of the man. Officers found the man to have safely made it out of the river, and hitchhiked back to his vehicle at Osprey Landing.

• A taxidermist from Wisconsin called dispatch saying he was being “ripped off” by a website from someone in the Libby area using the same business name, “Art by Mikel.”

• Troy dispatch received a call about a suspicious person in red shorts and no shirt running among the train cars. The suspect had removed their red shorts and contiued running around the property.

• A resident of 921 ACM Road called dispatch to report they had found several empty beer cans in their yard, and later found their dog was poisoned.

• A driver lost control of his trailer carrying a boat on Highway 37, which landed in the ditch. Dispatch received a call from a following driver when the driver who lost their trailer continued down the road.

July 7

• Several 911 calls were made from MK Steakhouse about a double motorcycle collision. Callers stated that four people were possibly injured in the accident.

• David Johnson was arrested at Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on warrant for charges of contempt.

• A woman called police to remove her husband from their home at 7574 Bull Lake Road. Officers instead transported the woman and another person to a hotel in Troy.

July 8

• Wade Jensen was arrested on DUI charges at 12:51 a.m. on Wisconsin Avenue.

• Brian Erickson was arrested for a probation violation at the Luck-EG Post and Rail.