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2013 Junior Fair Results

| July 23, 2013 12:43 PM

A total of 47 grand champion ribbons were awarded to the following contestants during the 2013 Lincoln County Junior Fair. They are:

Kaylene Hudson, colored pencil, animal, bird; Saryn Wilkinson, design cover Junior Fair book; Halle Hoff, colored pencil, stillĀ  life, flower; Autumn Fajotina, colored pencil, misc.; Alexander Harper, colored photo, animal, bird; Kaley Lightner-Stickney, colored photo, group; Logan Christensen, colored flower; Shelby Smith, diorama in box; Everett Lucibello, egg carton, craft; Xavier Reatz, paper mache; Cruzier Sharp, misc.; Kaley Lightner-Stickney, stain glass with lead; Anna Carlson, thrown, bisque, original clay; Bethany Thomas, pillow, fabric; Annie Wilkinson, altered or made-over garment; Ryan Christensen, novelty plant; Logan Christensen, lettuce, one bunch or one head; Ryan Christensen, vegetable, any other appropriate; Courtney Benson, misc.; Allie Snyder, decorated cake, fancy, with decorating tips; Julianna Shumate, cookies, dropped, three; Julianna Shumate, decorated cake, fancy, with decorating tips; Kaylene Hudson, any other, simple, wood; Julia Jenks, scrapbook; Ryan Beagle, report, one subject, own words; Ryan Christensen, misc. self-determined; Evan Jenks, parade, costume; Julianna Shumate, parade, decorated bike; Tamerak Inama, parade, float; Tianna Dirks, parade, float; Skye Anderson, parade, pet; Arissa Spencer, parade, group; Ariana Spencer, parade, group; Aricin Spencer, parade, group; Cassidy Dirks, parade, float; Saryn Wilkinson, musical performance; Annie Wilkinson, dance; Ruby Martin, musical performance; Lucky Martin, musical performance; Skye Anderson, goat, over six month wether; Annika Urvater, chicken, fancy breed; Skye Anderson, laying hen; Nicholas Harper, Jr. doe, meat, under six months; Skye Anderson, guinea pigs; Chandler Bower, showmanship at halter, Chandler Bower, western horsemanship; Chandler Bower, trail class.

Ribbon Recipients

A total of 67 were considered for grand champion ribbons and awarded to the following contestants during the 2013 Lincoln County Junior Fair. They are:

Ciera Lucas, oil painting, animal, bird; Ciera Lucas, misc.; Joel Goodman, tolle painting; Ani Vick, pencil sketch, misc.; Zoie Spady, combined medium; Bethany Thomas, oil painting, abstract; Ashlyn Hoff, oil painting, still life, flower; Ashlyn Hoff, combined medium; Julianna Shmate, water color, animal, bird; Skye Anderson, scratchboard; Anna Carlson, acrylic painting, land or seascape; Zekiah Meyer, pencil sketch, animal, bird; Kaylene Hudson, colored photo, scene; Kaylene Hudson, colored photo, still life; Ciera Lucas, colored photo, animal, bird; Nicholas Harper, colored photo, portrait or person; Nicholas Harper, colored photo, any other; Alexander Harper, colored photo, animal, bird; Alexander Harper, colored photo, any other; Kaley Lightner-Stickney, colored photo, flower; Kaley Lightner-Stickney, colored photo, portrait or person; Cassidy Dirks, colored photo, animal, bird; Mckenzie Williams, Teague Thompson, paper, cut; Genevi Reatz, recycled material, craft; Saryn Wilkinson, paper mache; Ani Vick, yarn, toys; Katelyn Huff, rock, craft; Jayden Bower, recycled material, craft; Jayden Bower, misc.; Ariana Spencer, novelties; Cassidy Dirks, duct tape, craft; Nathaniel Price, coil, stained, original clay; Julia Jenks, Julia Jenks, glaze, ceramic; Julia Jenks, slab, stained, original clay; Julia Jenks, Hannah Beebe, clay, sculpture, free form, original clay; Anna Carlson, slab, stained, original clay; Anna Carlson, thrown, stained, original clay; Annie Wilkinson, afghan, crib size, crocheted; Anna Carlson, hot pad, any medium; Katrina Stenros, dress; Draven Hilliard, potpourri, gathered and dried by exhibitor; Julio Zarate-Cruz, misc.; Logan Christensen, cacti; Julianna Shumate, vegetable, any other, appropriate; Logan Christensen, onions, green, four; Taryn Thompson, cupcakes, decorated, with cake mix, three; Julia Jenks, decorated, gingerbread, graham cracker; Kemper Johnson, cookies, dropped, three; Kaley Lightner-Stickney, cupcakes, white, frosted, three; Anna Carlson, decorated cake, fancy with decorating tips; Caleb Wilkinson, bird feeder, wood; Shelby Smith, individual educational display; Zavier Reatz, parade group; Brett Camen, parade group; Kaley Lightner-Stickney, parade, pet; Genevi Reatz, parade group; alexander Reatz, parade group; Colten Camen, parade group; Colby Fluery, parade group; Courtney Benson, musical performance; Julianna Shumate, musical performance; Skye Anderson, young hen; Evan Jenks, any other, small caged animal; Hunter Bower, any other, small caged animal.