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Relay for Life centennial will commemorate survivors' birthdays

by Seaborn Larson
| July 19, 2013 10:15 AM

       The upcoming 2013 American Cancer Society Relay for Life fundraiser is set to take place Aug. 2 and 3 at the Libby High School track.

       The fundraiser has fostered as much as $34,000 in previous years, a testament to the local support found in Libby and Troy.

       Star Phillips, involved with the event since its start in Libby in 2007, is looking forward to this year’s fun that the event is structured for.

       “Our motto for the American Cancer Society is ‘100 years old’ this year, so our theme is birthdays,” said Phillips.

       Phillips is taking on the event as the chairwoman for the first time.

       The American Cancer Society proudly announced 14 million Americans diagnosed with cancer are able to celebrate another birthday this year, along with the society’s centennial.

       Phillips said this year’s new location for the relay allows for expansion and more community involvement for previous years.

       “The sound is better, the lighting is better, the track is better,” said Phillips. “We’re hoping it goes well for our new vendors.”

       This year’s event will host a lineup of food and merchant vendors, selling handmade soaps and essential oils. Phillips said she hopes the opportunity attracts local artists and crafters to join the growing support for the fundraiser.

       The relay also will host several fun events such as the Marilyn Monroe look-alike contest, open to men and women.

       “Karaoke is always fun, too,” Phillips said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

       Phillips wants to invite everyone in the community, hoping to expand the attendance past survivors and teammates to bring a better awareness to the community about how the society aids cancer patients throughout the northwest.