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Law-Enforcement Blotter June 24 - June 28

| July 19, 2013 3:10 PM

June 24

• Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks were called to the laundromat to remove a raccoon and its babies residing in the attic. 

• A woman reported to be the victim of an attempted assault in front of Timberline Auto during a parade, two days prior to the call. No description of the attempted assailant was given.

• A woman from 576 Reese Trailer Court received a letter stating she had won a prize of money, but requested her to send money in order to receive her prize. Dispatch assured the caller this was not a miracle but a fraud.

• A woman at 44 McKinney Drive reported another woman repeatedly trespassing into her home. She may have better luck locking her door.

• A woman called dispatch from Highway 2 to report her boyfriend’s brother-in-law had been harassing them before he left the trailer court. 

• A resident of 741 Taylor Road reported a trailer nearby to be playing music too loudly, and their bass was unbearable. As impressive as their system was, the individuals were advised to keep their music at a low level for the rest of the night.

June 25

• Kari Renae Nick was arrested for violating the terms of her probation after running a stoplight at 3:31 a.m. 

• An employee at Central High School called 911 about a horrifying email that appeared to have a virus. 

• Theresa Walbridge was arrested for violating the terms of her probation.

• Brandon Kinghorn was arrested in Eureka for an outstanding warrant in Libby.

• A resident of 1209 Montana Ave. called 911 to reach animal control, hoping to get the neighbor’s dog to stop barking. The caller asked dispatch to contact the dog’s owners, who had left town for the day, and take their dog’s barking elsewhere. 

June 26

• At 12:18 a.m. a driver returning from Montanore mine noticed a Toyota Rav4 that had slid off the road. The driver reported minimal damage to dispatch, who later transferred the case to Montana Highway Patrol.

• A man and a woman at 313 Nevada Ave. were called in after having a fight in their apartment below the caller’s home. The caller told dispatch that the man left after the argument, but returned when the woman went to work to hide some of her property. 

• A man called dispatch, concerned about his ex-wife contacting their children while he was at work, a violation of her court order. 

• A man refused to leave the new hospital site, where he arrived to work a day early. The site manager had his big rig towed.

• Dale Ginger, 40, was arrested on probation violation charges after he came home at 106 Three Corners Road, yelling and causing problems with his girlfriend.

• A resident of Park Apartments on West 3rd Street called to report drunken people walking around the buildings. Responding officers cleared the scene.

June 27

• The man who had arrived early to work at the new hospital site was back on site after the site manager refused his work. Officers cleared the man from the scene without arrest.

• A criminal trespass was reported at 110 12th St. when a man entered his ex-wife’s house without her permission. 

• Kids at McGrade Elementary School were caught lighting off fireworks in trash cans an entire week before Fourth of July celebrations. 

• A double arrest was made on warrants at 178 Forest St. Officers arrested Delaina Coleman and Pernell Van Duyne, who were charged with obstructing justice.

June 28

• Libby officers assisted a resident of 817 East 5th St., who complained about loud music going on for hours nearby. 

• Jessica Black was found in Libby to have an outstanding warrant in Flathead County. Flathead dispatch claimed not our county, not our problem.

• When a woman called dispatch to report her roommate, another woman, had just hit her over the head with her purse. Officers arrested the purse-slinger on assault charges.

 • A theft was reported from a home on Highway 2, and later transposed to a miscommunication between the property owner and manager.

• A woman browsing a rummage sale a little too long was upset to find her car full of water after returning to her parking spot near Bush Street and California Avenue. Intrigued by the rummage, she had forgotten her windows and sunroof remained wide open with lawn sprinklers nearby.