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Revett miner recovering, seeks quick return to work

by Alan Lewis Gerstenecker
| September 18, 2012 10:21 AM

The 21-year-old miner who was injured in an accident Monday at Revett’s Troy Mine spent a night in the hospital and is at home, according to CEO John Shanahan.

During an interview Wednesday, Shanahan, who did not identify the male miner by name, said, “he’s doing a lot better. He’s home and he’s ready to come back to work, ready for light duty. I think they released him from the Kalispell hospital (Tuesday) yesterday,” Shanahan said.

About 3:45 p.m. Monday, Libby Volunteer Ambulance and Advanced Life Support teams were summoned to respond to the underground accident.

“Things happen. There must’ve been a vibration somewhere,” Shanahan said. “All the precautions are taken. Rocks fell and injured his hand.”

Shanahan could not specify which hand was injured but added, “there were no broken bones. The injury was a laceration.”

Troy Mine Chairman Tim Lindsey said miner also suffered other minor injuries.

“He had injuries to his cheek, shoulder and hand. The most severe was to his hand,” Lindsey said, indicating falling rocks from the wall of the mine were responsible for the injuries. 

All of the miners wear hard-hat helmets with lights, as a means of safety.

“He’s a good kid who did nothing wrong,” said Shanahan, confirming the man had been working at the mine less than a year.

Before the injury, the mine had nearly a six-month safety record without an injury. Before that, the mine had gone “well over a year” without an injury.

“We move 4,000 tons of rock a day. It’s not an easy feat,” Shanahan concluded.