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Payne: To win, conservatives must back away from anti-abortion stance

| September 11, 2012 12:15 AM

Letter to the Editor,

For many years, politicians have used the promise of more freebies in exchange for votes. 

This tactic has been used primarily by Democrats to win elections, but Republicans, also, have not been averse to using it. 

Now, however, our treasury is empty and our credit compromised as well. Those on the receiving end of government largess seem little concerned with how or by whom our debts will be paid, but the private sector working class are beginning to push back against the spending binge. 

Those who have to work in order to support themselves are looking for a fiscally responsible alternative to the out-of-control government Obama is orchestrating. 

As the more fiscally conservative of the two parties, Republicans are in a position to capitalize on this sentiment, but are carrying some baggage, I believe, that could derail their opportunity. 

I refer to their antiabortion stand. By insisting they have a moral imperative to legislate abortion out of existence, Republicans risk alienating women of all classes.

From a woman’s point of view, I imagine removing choice on abortion is as onerous as forcing everyone to buy health insurance with the Obamacare mandate. 

In a free country, decisions like abortion must be the prerogative of the individual, not a sanctimonious federal government presuming to be the arbiter of piety.      

— Bill Payne