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First Annual Hack and Blast goes off without a problem

| September 5, 2012 11:43 AM

The first annual “Hack & Blast” is in the books.  The “Blast” part of the event took place at the Libby Scatterguns trap field with a total of five teams. Each shooter got 25 targets and his “buddy” gets to try to break the target if the shooter misses.  A total of 100 targets was thrown for each team. 

The “Hack” portion was held at Cabinet View. It was a scramble style tournament.

The winning team for the “Hack & Blast” was the team that can put together the lowest combined score (9-hole score + number of misses at the trap range).  

The winning team of the First Annual “Hack and Blast” was Mike Munro, Joe Bache, Kirby Kulbeck and Robin Swimley with a 3-under score of 33 and 12 misses at the range for a winning score of 45.

The winning “Blast” team consisted of Andy Vivian, Nick Pisciotta, Robert O’Rourke and Mike Cirian with a total of 11 misses at the trap field.  This team also came in second place in the “Hack and Blast” with a 2-over golf score for 38 + 11 clay target misses for a total score of 49. 

The winning “Hack” team consisted of Jimmy Mee, Paul Rexroad, Chuck Resch and Bernie Cassidy with 6-under par for a score of 30.