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Class of 1972 leaders grateful for the memories

| September 4, 2012 5:26 PM

Letter to the Editor, 

We wish to thank all those who made our 40th Libby High School Class Reunion so special the weekend of Aug. 3, 4 and 5.

We thank Kirby Maki for providing us with great old school pictures (especially Old Central) and for your coordination to tour the schools we attended, Louis Mysse (fellow Class of 72’er) for being our cheerful guide as we walked down memory lane, The Western News for your advertisements of our reunion to help us get the word out, Mike and Dori Munro for your outstanding catering and bartending.

Also, Liz Benefield at the MK for a delicious dinner and breakfast (it was all perfect!), the firemen for the use of your chairs and tables, LVA for the use of the video equipment and Vinnie for your assistance in how to use it all, and a big thank you to our teachers who celebrated with us – we appreciated you being there on Friday night and enjoyed our visits with each of you.   

 Lastly, we wish to salute the city of Libby for having a place as wonderful as the Fred Brown Pavilion.  The setting is spectacular and is a fine tribute to an outstanding teacher and long time city leader.  

We had such a great time we will see you all in five years!

From the entire Libby High School Class of 1972,

— Karen Stanley Wickersham

— Barb Brown Magone