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Reader supports Curtiss, says well-qualified to be Lincoln County Commissioner

| July 13, 2012 12:24 PM

Letter to the Editor,

Later this year, the citizens of Lincoln County have a great opportunity to elect a well-qualified person to the position of county commissioner, Mr. Steve Curtiss.

Encroachment by federal regulatory agencies into local matters is nothing new.  

In recent years, however, it’s become increasingly difficult for local government to stand up to the onslaught of harmful regulations and mandates coming down.  This makes the role of county commissioner absolutely crucial as a line of defense against these abuses, and to ensure that the property rights of all people are protected.

Steve Curtiss is a man who not only talks the talk, he walks the walk.  In my book, that’s a pretty rare individual.  In his capacity as chairman of the Glen Lake Irrigation District, he successfully defended the district from pressures by the Forest Service to control uses of water for district irrigators.  

I’ve known Steve Curtiss, for only a short time.   Our paths crossed when he generously agreed to travel a long distance at his own expense, to speak at a Water Rights Town Hall meeting in Ronan a few weeks ago.  

Not many folks are aware of the water rights challenges we are facing because of the Reserved Water Rights Compact negotiations currently taking place between the state, the Department of Interior and the CSKT.  Steve does.  This compact has the potential to negatively impact water rights for all western Montanans, and people should be paying attention.  Steve attends the water compact meetings because he understands its implications and it’s his responsibility to stay forever vigilant when it comes to protecting those who are counting on him.

Steve stood up for his district, and he will stand up for Lincoln County.  I strongly encourage you to vote for Steve Curtiss for county commissioner in November.

— Terry Backs

St. Ignatius