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Law-Enforcement Blotter: Jan. 3 - Jan. 23

by The Western News
| January 26, 2012 10:55 AM

Lincoln County

 Sheriff’s Report

Jan. 23

• Brent Michael Thompson, 20, was arrested on a Montana Highway Patrol warrant. Charged with operating a vehicle without insurance, expired registration and a suspended driver’s license. Bond was set at $1,865.

• Caller near the 100 block of Pioneer Road, reported the resident’s dog bit her left leg. Animal control was called to respond.

Jan. 20

• Manager at McDonald’s reported an individual with a pickup and a plow on the front of it drove through the drive-through window and damaged the building.

Jan. 18

• Female caller reported, near the 100 block of Pioneer Road, she was having issues with her ex-girlfriend regarding a computer modem. Caller wants to return the modem to her ex-girlfriend to avoid accusations she has stolen the modem. Ex-girlfriend is threatening to call law enforcement. She is no longer allowed contact with her. Caller contacted dispatch for a second time, advising she was now receiving threatening text messages from the ex-girlfriend. Dispatch advised the issue was not law-enforcement related and was told to resolve the problem in an adult manner.

Jan. 17

• Thomas Webber, 29, was arrested near Lewis Loop on a warrant for failure to appear in court. The original felony warrant was for possession of dangerous drugs. Bond has been set at $10,500.

Jan. 16

• A family disturbance call was reported near the 100 block of Cherry Creek Drive. Male was threatening everyone at the residence when the family asked him if he was drinking. Austin David St. Onge, 20, allegedly took his infant son from the residence after he kicked the door down, pushed caller down and assaulted his girlfriend. St. Onge was contacted by law enforcement, he advised he was having lunch and would return their call when he was done. He told officials he wanted to file a complaint against his girlfriend because she assaulted and threatened him. St. Onge was arrested and bond has been set $10,000.

Jan. 15

• Suspicious person was reportedly knocking at caller’s door at the 400 block of east 6th Street. Law enforcement picked up two individuals, but only Fredrick A. Goodenough III, 20, was arrested for intoxication and felony probation violation. No bond.

• Caller reported a male individual had jumped from a window at a residence near the 16000 block of Bull Lake Road. Male jumped from the window with a five-month-old baby. Caller went to get the child and the male began yelling to get back into the home. Rusty Eugene Cunningham Jr., 23, was arrested for simple assault, serious bodily injury in a partner-family assault and criminal endangerment. Cunningham is being held on a $50,000 bond.

Jan. 13

• Head Start School reported coyotes in the wooded area of the property. Fish & Game was called to respond.

• Kimberley Denise Diamond, 40, was arrested for a parole violation.

Troy Police


Jan. 8

• Female from the 2000 block of Iron Creek Road reported a female came into the home she is currently staying at and the female assaulted her while she was asleep on the couch with her baby. Suspect attacked caller prior to the incident in the Heritage Museum parking lot. Female did not want to press charges, however, she wanted there to be a record of the incident.

Jan. 3

• Caller reported a female showed up at her residence, the 2000 block of Iron Creek Road, and was screaming at individuals in the home. Caller advised the suspect was not allowing anyone to leave the residence. Law enforcement was unable to approach the residence and individuals were asked to remove all their dogs. Later a caller contacted officials begging them to cancel the response, she did not want anyone to get in trouble.