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Lady Loggers JV Basketball Results

by The Western News
| January 26, 2012 9:34 AM

JV Lady Logger

Season Summary



Bonners Ferry

Dec. 13

• Bonners Ferry took the lead in the first quarter, 0-9.

By the half, the Ladies were down by 19 points, trailing 9-28.   

After the half the Loggers showed some serious fight, gaining 11 points, taking them into the fourth quarter with with 20.

However, Bonners were unphased by the transitions — they gained an additional 21 points before the fourth.

The Ladies consistently gained momentum, unfortunately not enought for a win.

The Loggers were defeated in their first game of the season, 30-57.

Hailey Craig scored a total of 8 points, Stacy Regh scored 6 points and Becca Kyriss rebounded four times.

The Loggers made three 3-point shots.




Dec. 17

  The Ladies had a tough game against Flathead. The first quarter ended with 2 points for the Loggers and their opponents with 17.

The second quarter did not improve — Loggers gained another 5 points, but still fell short to Flathead’s 22-point lead.

In the third the Ladies managed anther 6 points. However Flathead gained another 10 point.

The four quarter exploded with points. Flathead scored an additional 16 points. The Loggers lost 15-55.

Loggers vs. Whitefish

Jan. 6

The Ladies demonstrated their abilities against Whitefish, flattening them, 48-12.

Coach Jon England complimented the Ladies for the points they gained by the pressure they put on their opponents.

Devon Gallagher scored 12 points and eight rebounds; Dayln Germany 10 points and four steals; Taylor Resch scored 7 points and four steals; Stacy Regh managed seven rebounds; Holly Leggins and Brooke Rosling had three assists.




Jan. 7

This game escaped the Ladies as they struggled to keep up, falling short 22-43.

Loggers had 5 points in the first quarter to Frenchtowns’ 13 points.

The Ladies gained 9 points before the half, still down by 8 points going into the third quarter.

Only scoring 3 points in the fourth, the Loggers were defeated 22-43.

Hailey Craig scored 5 points, Devon Gallagher got seven rebounds and Kaitlyn Gilder managed three steals.

Loggers viewed this as a competitive game, despite the score.

The Lady Loggers will host Thompson Falls on Thursday with a record of 1-4.