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District, EPA seek early start to Asa razing

by The Western News
| January 26, 2012 10:34 AM

Since Libby School District 4 Board members last week have decided to raze the West Wing and the Library of the Asa Wood School, progress is being made with the EPA to coordinate that effort and demolition could be the initial project for the agency this spring.

According to Mike Cirian, the EPA’s project manager in Libby, he is meeting with officials today — Wednesday, Jan. 25, — and among topics of that meeting will be a preliminary discussion of remediation projects for 2012.

“I’d like to see us get right on it as soon as possible,” Cirian said Thursday. “I’m thinking we could get a couple of teams together early and get started as soon as the weather breaks.”

Cirian, who has been out of his Libby office following shoulder surgery, indicated much of the project is contingent on the weather, he said, specifically citing the availability of access to the dump where most of the debris from the demolition will end up.

“If we can’t get to the dump because of snowfall, that could delay the project,” Cirian said.

After The Western News’ discussion with Cirian, it went to Libby Schools Superintendent K.W. Maki who expressed a desire to move the project along as soon as possible.

“I don’t think during the summer months we want that dust blowing about,” Maki said. “I think the spring would be the best time to get it done,” he said indicating a more mild, even wet spring would be better for demolition.

Maki, who met with the Western News on Thursday afternoon, said he would draft a letter expressing the district’s preference to also tackle the demolition as early as possible.   “We’ll get a letter in the mail to Mr. Cirian in time for that meeting,” Maki said.

Also, Maki presented a letter from Victor Ketellapper, the Libby Asbestos Superfund Site Team Leader, expressing a continued effort to ridding Libby of the  Libby Amphibole Asbestos.

“Prior to demolition, please notify the EPA Information Center or the Environmental Restoration Specialist. … During the demolition, EPA’s support will include the removal of vermiculite containing insulation associated with the Libby Superfund site.”

Maki has received a request from Libby resident John Rios who seeks to make presentation during the February board meeting to discuss concerning the future use of Asa Wood. Rios, who said Ken Miller would assist in the presentation, seeks to discuss the community center aspect for the building.

  “… Mr. Ken Miller and I would like to make a brief presentation to you and the school board in relation to the future use of the Asa Wood Elementary School building,” Rios writes.