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Crushing defeat for the Ladies

by Sandra Faye Douthit - Reporter
| January 26, 2012 10:11 AM

The Ladies were destroyed by the Eureka Lions in the second half Friday night.

The Trojans held the Lions to a 9-12 score in the first quarter, only trailing by 3 points.

By the second quarter, the Lions scored another 12 points — the Ladies managed an additional 4 points to end the first half.

The rest of the game was tough for the Trojans who all but gave in to the Lions in the third and fourth quarters.

Playing hard despite the competition, junior forward Breanna Opland, above left, passes to Kelli Lundin in the first quarter against Eureka.

The Eureka Lions roared, the Lady Trojans could not answer back, losing 53-16.

Trojans took their record of 0-7 to St. Ignatius/Mission, hosted by the Bulldogs Saturday to place a close game, resulting in a loss 28-37.

Trojans Coach, Tony Smith continues to work with the Ladies and to hone their skills.

The Ladies did an excellent job demonstrating some of those skills during this game against the Bulldogs.

Smith said his Ladies would always greet a challenge and would be ready to play any game no matter the contender.

The Lady Trojans lost to the Bulldogs by a mere 9 points.

Trojans take their record of 0-8 to Plains, for a hopeful win on Jan. 20.