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Wrestling Results

| January 19, 2012 1:52 PM

2012 Western Montana

Duals at Ronan

Team Results

• 1st    Corvallis

• 2nd    Frenchtown

• 3rd    St. Ignatius

• 4th    Glacier

• 5th    Libby

• 6th    Columbia Falls

• 7th    Polson

• 8th    Ronan

• 9th    Thompson Falls

• 10th    Arlee

• 11th    Drummond

• 12th    Flathead

• 13th    Hamilton

• 14th    Florence

Friday — First Round

Libby 45 vs. St. Ignatius 39

98-pounds, Gregory Weatherwax (St. Ignatius) open; 105-pounds, Morgan Schultz (St. Ignatius) pin Dylan Roby (Libby) 2:56; 112-pounds, Jamie Mullins (St. Ignatius) open; 119-pounds, Zach Crace (Libby) pin Jay Wadsworth (St. Ignatius)1:39; 125-pounds, Aaron Seefeldt (Libby) open; 130-pounds, Scotty Gilleard (St. Ignatius) pin Mitch Haugen (Libby)2:48; 135-pounds, Casey Nitschke (St. Ignatius) pin Cody Benefield (Libby) 5:47; 140-pounds, Garret Chapel (Libby) pin Russell Schultz (St. Ignaius) 3:11; 145-pounds, Kyle Leir (Libby) open; 152-pounds, Josh Bowers (Libby) decision Steven Bravo (St. Ignatius) 8-5; 160-pounds, Javen Peterson (St. Ignatius) decision Dylan Berget (Libby) 3-2; 171-pounds, Robin Kyes (Libby) open;189-pounds, Barret Sargent (St. Ignatius) pin Austin Bailey (Libby) 5:27; 215-pounds, Chadd Anderson (St. Ignatius) pin Gunnar Moe (Libby) 3:29, and 285-pounds, Zach Dolezal (Libby) open.

Second Round

Libby 56 vs. Florence 12

98-pounds, open;105-pounds, Torren Lawson (Florence) pin Dylan Roby (Libby) 3:43; 112-pounds, open; 119-pounds, Zach Crace (Libby) pin Cody Edens (Florence) :59; 125-pounds, Tanner Lund (Florence) decision Aaron Seefeldt (Libby) 6-1; 130-pounds, Mitch Haugen (Libby) pin Kody Davidson (Florence) 4:06; 135-pounds, Cody Benefield (Libby) open; 140-pounds, Garret Chapel (Libby) open; 145-pounds, Kyle Leir (Libby) TFall Noah Sax (Florence) 18-3;152-pounds, Josh Bowers (Libby) open; 160-pounds, Dylan Berget (Libby) decision Austin Krier (Florence) 10-6; 171-pounds Tanner Cobbs (Florence) decision Robin Kyes (Libby) 8-1; 189-pounds, Austin Bailey (Libby) pin Keenan Hendrickson (Florence) 1:10; 215-pounds, Gunnar Moe (Libby) open, and 285-pounds, Zach Dolezal (Libby) open.

Saturday - Round 5

Libby 63 vs Flathead 18

98-pounds, Dylan Guzman (Flathead) open; 105-pounds, Daniell DeVall (Flathead) pin Dylan Roby (Libby) 1:35; 112-pounds, open; 119-pounds, Zach Crace (Libby) pin Haze Bell (Flathead) 1:33; 125-pounds, Aaron Seefeldt (Libby) decision Kalieb Liehr (Flathead) 7-5; 130-pounds, Cody Benefield  (Libby) Gage Triplet (Flathead) 1:42; 135-pounds, Mitch Haugen (Libby) open; 140-pounds, Garret Chapel (Libby) pin Cole Delaughder (Flathead) 2:36; 145-pounds,  Kyle Leir (Libby) pin Tucker Moe (Flathead) 1:04; 152-pounds, Josh Bowers (Libby) open;

160-pounds, Dylan Berget (Libby) open; 171-pounds, Robin Kyes (Libby) open; 189-pounds, Austin Bailey (Libby) open; 215-pounds, Gunnar Moe (Libby) open, and 285-pounds, Bowen Smith (Flathead) pin Zach Dolezal (Libby) 2:54.

Corvallis 49 vs Libby 15

Round 6

98-pound, Devin Day (Corvallis) open;105-Josh Venama (Corvallis) pin Dylan Roby (Libby) 1:43; 112-pounds, Tylor Olson (Corvallis) open; 119-pounds, James Dubose (Corvallis) major decision Zach Crace (Libby) 13-1;

125-pounds, Tim Allsop (Corvallis) pin Aaron Seefeldt (Libby) 1:46; 130-pounds, Mitch Haugen (Libby) decision Caleb Caicedo (Corvallis) 7-3; 135-pounds, Wyatt Lott (Corvallis) open; 140-pounds,  Travis Davis (Corvallis) pin Garret Chapel (Libby) 1:09; 145-pounds, Kyle Leir (Libby) decision Devin Williams (Corvallis) 5-1;152-pounds, Wyatt Jessop (Corvallis) decision Josh Bowers (Libby)  9-2; 160-pounds, Dylan Berget (Libby) decision Quincy Jessop (Corvallis) 1-0; 171-pounds, Riley Nagle (Corvallis) major decision Austin Bailey (Libby) 14-2;

189-pounds, Robin Kyes (Libby) decision Monty Jessop (Corvallis) 4-9; 215-pounds, James Weidow (Corvallis) pin Gunnar Moe (Libby) 4:41,  and 285-pounds, Zach Dolezal (Libby) decision Will Pane (Corvallis) 12-7.

Round 7

Libby 56 vs. Ronan 15

98-pounds, open; 105-pounds, Dylan Roby (Libby) pin Trae Garcia (Ronan) 1:01; 112-pounds, open; 119-pounds, Zach Crace (Libby) Tfall Chase Rhine (Ronan) 17-0; 125-pounds, Aaron Seefeldt (Libby) open; 130-pounds, Cody Benefield (Libby) pin Connor Benn (Ronan) 5:23;

135-pounds, Mitch Haugen (Libby) pin Brandon Dumont (Ronan) 3:26; 140-pounds, Garret Chapel (Libby) pin Lauren Christopher (Ronan) 1:24; 145-pounds, Kyle Leir (Libby) pin Ronny Cullis (Ronan) 1:54; 152-pounds, Shelby Grant (Ronan) pin Josh Bowers (Libby) 1:35;

160-pounds, Dylan Berget (Libby) decision Dustin Goldsby (Ronan) 7-6.

171-pounds, Quentin Denton (Ronan) decision Robin Kyes (Libby) 10-7; 189-pounds, Colby Roberts (Ronan) pin Austin Bailey (Libby) 4:31;

215-pounds, Gunnar Moe (Libby) pin Michael Irvine (Ronan) 4:22, and

285-pounds, Zach Dolezal (Libby) pin Timber Schuass (Ronan) 3:57.

Round 9

Libby 40 vs C-Falls 33

98-pounds, Jordan Huges (Co Falls) open; 105-pounds, Shonn Roberts (Co Falls) open; 112-pounds, Dylan Roby (Libby) open; 119-pounds, Zach Crace (Libby) open; 125-pounds, Aaron Seefeldt (Libby) pin Seth McCall (Co Falls) 3:45;

130-pounds, Mitch Haugen (Libby) pin Josiah Osborne (Co Falls) 4:39; 135-pounds, Adam Richardson (Co Falls) pin Cody Benefield (Libby) 5:05; 140-pounds, Garret Chapel (Libby) decision Bryan Shaffer (Co Falls) 5-4; 145-pounds, Kyle Leir (Libby) open; 152-pounds, Kohle Tompson (Co Falls) decision Josh Bowers (Libby) 4-1; 160-pounds, Dylan Berget (Libby) major decision Jacob Burgess (Co Falls) 11-1; 171-pounds, Josh Folsom (Co Falls) decision Austin Bailey (Libby) 4-3; 189-pounds, Marcus Ross (Co Falls) pin Robin Kyes (Libby); 215-pounds, Jacob Babcock (Co Falls) decision Gunnar Moe (Libby) 3-0, and

 285-pounds, Zach Dolezal (Libby) decision Wade Motichka (Co Falls) 7-4.