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Three juveniles, adult face felony 'car-hopping' charges

by Sandra Faye Douthit - Reporter
| January 19, 2012 12:58 PM

Libby Police arrested four persons Sunday morning after the suspects allegedly were caught stealing from cars in Libby neighborhoods.

“We asked them what they were doing,” Officer Terry Watson said. “It was a new one to us — they said they were car-hopping.”

The suspects included three juveniles — ages 15, 16 and 17-years old — and an adult, 18. Late Saturday night the suspects began driving around and randomly stopped at cars to see if they were unlocked. The individuals stole various items. Some of the items included a gun, several purses, a laptop and items with no real value.

“The kids said they stayed away from cars near dogs that were barking, homes with motion lights and vehicles that were locked,” Watson said.

After the suspects were arrested, they led authorities along the route they took as they were “car-hopping.” Among some of the neighborhoods were Woodway Park, Hamann Avenue, River Road, the areas of Florence and Shalom and residential homes located on the north side of Highway 2.

At this time, the police have more property than victims. Persons who believe they may have had property stolen from their vehicles Saturday evening to Sunday morning, are asked to call the police or they may speak with Officer Watson. Refer to case No. 183.

When asked how many vehicles they stole items from, the suspects were unsure and guessed more than 18 vehicles. The suspects are facing felony-theft charges and are currently being held by police.