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Reader refutes Letter defending Islam as a peaceful religion, cites personal investigation

by The Western News
| January 11, 2012 9:55 AM

Letter to the Editor,

In response to Jane Borish’s letter, I offer a rebuttal.

If a person goes on any Muslim Website for or against, if said person is in their right mind that person would see that Muslims are not a people to be endeared to, nor embraced at all.

 The Islamic religion is built on hate. It is built on “I will get to you before you get to me.”

The women are treated worse than cattle. On the front of a Time magazine there is a photo of an 18-year-old girl, who displeased her husband, so he cut her nose and ears off.

If you investigate further, you will see that women are killed if they are raped. If a woman screams rape, you will see she must have four  male witnesses. You will also see that women are beaten if they are accused of adultery.

 If you investigate further, you will see that their children are taught to hate Jews.

This is not a peace-loving religion, as some would want us to think.

As witnessed by 9/11, as seen by the number of cell groups that we hear about on the news here in the U.S. and also by the number of suicide bombers.

Also investigate the horrendous religious beliefs of Sharia law — my favorite is that a husband can have sex with his wife after she is dead. NOT.

 Now addressing what was said about Jesus.

Jesus said to love our neighbors as ourselves. But no where are we to tolerate hatred. No where are we to accept a group of people who are completely against what Jesus taught.

They believe that Jesus was a Prophet, but they do not believe that Jesus died on the cross. They believe that there were a set of twins born and that when Jesus died He died, and the other twin took His place.

They do not even believe He is the Son of God.

Some of the quotes that Ms. Borish quoted is the same propoganda that I have heard before. It is not the fastest-growing religion as quoted.

I did not go to the meeting Ms. Borish went to, but from what she said, the study I have done sounds right about what the Muslim religion truly is.

 Two last thoughts are these, one is that, yes, Allah is the moon god, and is not the same benevolent God as a Christian we should serve.

The second is that Muhammed, who Islam is founded by was a pedophile. He married Aisha when she was 6 and he was 51, and he supposedly consummated the marriage, when she was of age, 9 and he was 54. In my book that is child sexual abuse.

 So, Ms. Borish you  truly need to investigate this so-called peaceful religion farther.

In an answer to your question, yes, I do love all people as I am commanded to do by Jesus Christ, but that does not mean I have to be snuggle-buddies with them. I bid you a good day.

 — Tina Brewer