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Arts, Denton sworn in to City Council

by Sandra Faye Douthit - Reporter
| January 11, 2012 10:22 AM


<p>Tracy Rebo is new City Clerk</p>


<p>Crystal Denton, who works for the county, also was sworn in.</p>

Ringing in the New Year, Troy City Council started the year with the inaugurations of Crystal Denton and Joe Arts.

“Maybe some of the meetings will start going a little faster and we will get some things done,” Arts said.

Member Phil Fisher congratulated Arts and Denton and welcomed them both to the Council.

Mayor Don Banning conducted the swearing-in of Arts and Denton.

“I’m happy the New Year is here,” Banning said. “Hope things start working and we can work together.”

Following the inaugurations, a Special Meeting was held to appoint Tracy Rebo to the City Clerk/Treasurer position — it was the only item on the agenda.

Fisher was the first to start the motion and Member, Fran McCully, seconded the motion. During the discussion period of the meeting, none was initiated.

The vote for Rebo’s position as City Clerk/Treasurer was favored, 4-0.

“It’s great,” Banning said. “I gave her a big hug. It’s about time she got the title, it’s been six months.”

“It hasn’t really hit me yet,” Rebo said. “I guess I wasn’t convinced it was going to really happen this time.”

There have been several attempts to promote Rebo from the Deputy Clerk, by title only position, to the City Clerk/Treasurer position for more than five months.

However, Rebo is accustomed to the job as City Clerk because she has been performing the duties as City Clerk/Treasurer since Sandra Johnson resigned.

“I had a hard time putting my nameplate up today,” Rebo said. “I love my job.”

“I love all the challenges it gives me.”